Education Security

Helping Security Guards With Situational Awareness

Security Guards Deserve Better Intelligence School shootings are a horrible reality now. Walkie talkie communications are insufficient if there is no visual of the perpetrator(s). 911 is only available once a shooting has begun, and somebody calls. In many instances it is simply too late for security guards, because there is too much lag time. …

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Pennsylvania School Safety Bills Being Introduced

Pennsylvania School Safety Programs Will Begin At The Source In the wake of horrendous school shootings, state lawmakers are looking for answers. Pennsylvania school safety is getting a boost from new funding. Bi-partisan politicians approved $60,000,000 to create sustained assistance to schools. PA Rep. Dan Miller said, “Many schools used…money (to) improve the physical safety …

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Weapons Detection – Podcast Conversation

Using Weapons Detection Technology To Protect Our Schools (Podcast Link) As integrators of security products, Alpine Consulting has an interest in weapons detection technology also. The fact that ZeroEyes was founded by a group of former Navy SEALs has left an impression on Alpine. In addition, Earl Stevens and Stan Duda from Alpine Consulting have …

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Empathy vs. Sympathy Comparison

What’s The Difference Between Empathy & Sympathy Really? While empathy is the understanding and feeling of somebody’s position, sympathy has a few common definitions or general uses which differentiate it from empathy. One definition for sympathy is “feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune.” The other definition is “understanding between people; common feeling.” …

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Your Security Cameras Can Be Even More Useful

Turning Existing Security Cameras Into Security Guards Many security cameras installed today are high resolution enough to be utilized with ZeroEyes technology. This capacity to retrofit makes the product much more accessible. With an additional server rack, and the time to install, your facility can begin improving upon your security very quickly. Every educational facility …

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Weapon Recognition Technology Education

Technology Education For School Superintendents The ZeroEyes solution requires a dedicated server box to run efficiently. 911 emergency responders can utilize the user interface to access critical information. Also, school administrators or security resource officers can have access to the mobile version for receiving alerts about the location of on-site threats. Therefore, the reach of …

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