Industries We Protect

ZeroEyes proudly protects people and facilities in the education, commercial, non-profit, military and government industries in America and Canada.

why zeroeyes?


As veterans and parents, ZeroEyes’ co-founders felt compelled to develop a proactive solution to keep people safe after seeing and hearing about mass shootings occurring in schools and other public places and their impact on our society.


We use artificial intelligence to actively detect brandished firearms within view of any of your existing cameras. With seconds-fast gun detection and police notifications, our technology can decrease response time—which can save lives.


Unlike other security solutions, non-invasive ZeroEyes is neither facial nor acoustic recognition technology. We’ve mastered our A.I. technology solely for object detection (in our case, any make or model of gun), eliminating potential privacy and bias concerns, and identifying real firearm threats with great accuracy.


...Cameras monitored by ZeroEyes, 24/7


...Video frames inferenced per week


...Images used to train ZeroEyes AI models to recognize firearms in hundreds of different environments


...Technology readiness rating from the U.S. Air Force. (Mature technology certified for use under mission conditions.)

What is layered security?


Risk Assessment

A multi-layered security approach involves conducting a risk assessment of your current infrastructure. This stage should involve local first responders and public safety partners, such as law enforcement and emergency medical services, who can provide intel into existing risks and vulnerabilities.


Live Feeds

The next step is equipping all premises grounds with onsite security and live camera feeds to monitor for signs of risk. Such surveillance methods can often deter assailants, who are less likely to target visibly secured locations.


Go Digital

Compounding these efforts with the power of digital technology, like gun detection software, helps insert another key component into a security framework—one that’s both proactive and effective. Enhanced capabilities such as 24/7 AI monitoring can enable cameras to detect visible weapons before shots are fired, either proactively preventing gun violence before it occurs or ensuring that help arrives as quickly as possible.


Education / K12 & Higher Ed

Discover how we help educational administrators keep students, teachers, and staff safer from the threat of active shooters on your campuses.


Commercial & Non-profit

Each year, more business leaders use ZeroEyes to protect their employees and customers from active shooter threats while reducing their company’s liability risk.


Military & Government

We’re proud to help our government facilities ensure the security and safety of all personnel and visitors to mitigate shooting crises on public grounds and military bases.