Indoor Security

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What are your building’s most critical points to monitor for active shooter threats? We help you identify them. If threats are detected, your ZeroEyes system gives you exact location details of brandished firearms within view of your cameras—giving security teams and first responders more time to secure your buildings.

Did You Know?

An FBI report studying active shooter incidents in the United States showed more than


of school shootings

happen inside of classrooms

The ZeroEyes Advantage


Can decrease response time


Helps lead people to evacuation points


Provides information to direct first responders


Assists in guiding people to safe zones

Lock Down

Advises occupants to lockdown or evacuate buildings

Extend Your Security Team with A.I. Gun Detection Software

Entrance and Exit Security

Entrance & Exit Security

Security measures (like window and door locks), systems (like metal detectors), and access controls all help deter an active shooter from entering your building—but they aren’t enough.

We help you analyze your camera placement inside your buildings to ensure that if anyone enters your building brandishing a visible firearm, our A.I. will detect the gun immediately.

Hallways & Stairwells


Hallways and stairwells are choke points for active shooter threats. In an emergency, they can quickly become congested with panicked crowds—and if left unmonitored, can become dangerous bottlenecks.

ZeroEyes integrates with your cameras to monitor these chokepoints. If onsite threats are detected, we provide real-time location updates of where they’re traveling in your building, giving first responders critical information to apprehend shooters.

Hallways & Stairwell Security
Common Areas and Lobby Security

Common Areas & Lobby Security

Common areas like lobbies, cafeterias, and shared meeting spaces are easy targets for active shooters. They’re often crowded and bustling, and with limited security measures, can be dangerous spaces in an emergency.

Our A.I. gun detection solution integrates with the cameras you already have monitoring these areas to alert your security team and first responders of a visible gun in as fast as 3-5 seconds.

Stadiums & Conference Venue Security

Conference venues and sports arenas attract huge crowds, making strict security vital. An active shooter threat inside a venue can lead to mass panic, and tracking a shooter via camera is nearly impossible for any security guard.

ZeroEyes helps protect against the threat of a mass shooting in these busy, often chaotic venues by detecting a visible gun and alerting authorities, even in crowded spaces.

Stadiums and Conference Venue Security


At an average cost of less than a few cups of coffee per student, employee or customer per year, ZeroEyes is the most economical solution compared to other reactive security measures that require additional staff.

Get more information about protecting your indoor spaces from mass shooting threats. Visit our Resources page to view safety checklists, ebooks, infographics, case studies, podcasts, FAQs, and more. 

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In an active shooter situation, best laid plans turn into chaos. Add ZeroEyes proactive gun detection to protect your patrons.