ZeroEyes Pricing

Simple Pricing—Yearly Software Fee Per Camera Stream

We offer custom pricing based on unique variables specific to your organization, such as:

  • Number of locations,
  • Agreement duration
  • Volume of cameras you’d like ZeroEyes installed on
  • And other considerations

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Est. Annual Cost per Detection Point*
Before & During First Gunshot
Less than $600/year**
During or After First Gunshot
Concealed Weapons Sensors
$100,000 + labor***

Metal Detectors
$62,500 + labor***
After First Gunshot
Acoustic Gunshot Detection
$75,000 + labor***

Security Officer

* For a given building/location, multiple detection points are typically required.
** Cost per detection point will decrease significantly as more camera streams are added.
*** Average cost of hardware and installation, plus labor costs to man and operate the equipment.

Maximize Your Budget

ZeroEyes Is Up To 10x More Affordable Than Alternatives
  • ZeroEyes visual AI gun detection costs less than $600 per year per digital camera stream
  • Metal detectors can cost up to $100,000 per entrance and require active security staffing
  • Acoustic gunshot detection only alerts after a gun is fired (reactive security)
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Affordable, Effective Solutions for Every Environment


Affordable for Schools

“As a superintendent, when I’m starting to evaluate the budgetary decisions I have to make, when you look at the cost of ZeroEyes on top of an existing digital camera system, it’s really not that expensive. And is there really a price tag for the safety of our students? To me, it’s almost like an insurance policy. We’re making sure that we’ve done everything we can for our students.”

— Dot Blackwell, Superintendent of Vassar Public Schools

Travis Thompson

Affordable for Business

“Protecting our employees and customers remains at the forefront of our business, and ZeroEyes allows us to keep them safe without negatively disrupting the overall atmosphere or customer experience. As if that wasn’t reason enough to adopt this technology, ZeroEyes also enabled us to mitigate liability and lower our insurance rates.”

— Travis Thompson, River Spirit Casino Director of Compliance

Building the Best Price

Camera Stream Count

The cost per camera stream goes down the more you add.

Payment Terms

Pay upfront, save more money.


Agreement Duration

Get a multi-year agreement for additional discounts.

Beyond Gun Detection:
ZeroEyes Customers Get Peace Of Mind

DIGITAL Camera Uptime Notifications

If a digital security camera goes down, we notify you at no additional cost.

24/7/365 Human Verification

Military veterans and former law enforcement verify every detection to reduce or eliminate false alarms.

Privacy & Rights Respected

We only detect illegally brandished guns and never use facial recognition.

Situational Awareness

Get the geolocation and image of the shooter before, during, and after an active shooter event.

Affordable Set-Up

ZeroEyes is installed on your existing digital security cameras, so you avoid hardware costs.

24/7/365 White Glove Support

Dedicated customer success manager and 24/7/365 customer technical support.