About Us

At ZeroEyes our mission is to reduce the risk of active shooter threats to keep schools and other public spaces safe.

Who We Are

We are a team of US military veterans, consultants, and technologists who are passionate about protecting our country. Some of us have lived through countless active shooter situations and are now rededicating our lives to make sure you don't have to.

For those of us who served in the military, being veterans means we take protecting people very seriously too. Equally important, is empowering safety & security professionals. Security cameras are prevalent in many public spaces. However, there are often too many feeds for people to monitor also. Likewise, most facilities can’t have human beings monitor all of their cameras.

We’re Problem Solvers

As a result, we use Artificial Intelligence to actively monitor camera feeds to detect weapons. In fact, our technology can decrease response time which could save lives. The veterans on this team recognize the need for increased safety in civilian life. Finally, we know it’s our duty to provide whatever we can to the public to increase a general feeling of safety.

Our service is like having military-grade intelligence monitoring your facility at all times. It would be our honor to individually protect each and every American. Due to the widespread need our country has, we hope our technology can reach far and wide in order to do just that.

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Message From the President & CEO

As Navy SEALs, we were willing to lay our lives down to protect our country. Although our service ended, that sense of responsibility as veterans persisted. Consequently, we were a band of brothers looking for a way to contribute to society in a major way. To this end, we sought something that would make use of our experience in the line of fire. Therefore ZeroEyes was born to protect others from ever having to face the same kinds of circumstances.

Above all, ZeroEyes has given us a direction for that inner purpose. In a civilian environment, it is critical to be proactive in assessing threatening situations and finding ways to neutralize them before they become dangerous. Therefore, our platform leverages existing camera technology with AI, giving authorities real-time information about potential violence and stop it; before it happens.


Mike Lahiff

Meet Our Executive Team

Mike Lahiff
Chief Executive Officer
Tim Sulzer
Chief Technology Officer
Rob Huberty
Chief Operating Officer
Sam Alaimo
Chief Revenue Officer
Kieran Carroll
VP of Commercial & Government
Dustin Brooks
VP of Education


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