May 24, 2024
Senior Assassins: Fun Game or Recipe for Disaster?
The potentially dangerous "Senior Assassins" high school kids' game is becoming more and more popular across the country. Here's how ZeroEyes can help you distinguish between real and toy guns...
Senior Assassin Game


The end of the school year isn’t going smoothly in many states, thanks to the “Senior Assassins” game sweeping high schools nationwide. 

Here’s how it works: Participants are given another player’s name, and they’re tasked with hunting and tagging them (usually with a water gun) to eliminate them until there’s a single winner.

And it’s not just on school grounds—participants are often suspiciously slinking and hiding around town, wearing masks and wielding water guns.

 What could go wrong? 🤷‍♂️

Detecting Guns Before Escalation

When most people think about visual gun detection, they imagine situations like this real-life detection from one of our cameras…

ZeroEyes Real Gun Detection

But you might be surprised that ZeroEyes successfully detects and accurately recognizes toy guns nearly every day, differentiating between real threats and those that aren’t. 

Here’s what happened when ABC’s “Nightline” asked to see how we do it…

ZeroEyes Gun Detection on ABC's "Nightline"

The Power of Situational Awareness

ZeroEyes visual AI gun detection technology can provide images of a firearm on CCTV to police and facility management within 3-5 seconds.

And as you learned in the video above, when CCTV monitored by ZeroEyes shows that onsite firearms are from law enforcement and non-lethal situations like toy guns, not an attack, the emergency response can be scaled back within seconds.

With better information from immediate ZeroEyes alerts, organizations can decide not to evacuate all people and remain open following isolated incidents…like Senior Assassins. 

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Please talk with your kids about safety concerns linked to openly carrying squirt guns that resemble firearms, and being on private property without permission. It can carry deadly consequences.


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