ZeroEyes for Policymakers

How ZeroEyes Partners with Policymakers

ZeroEyes’ Strategy team provides data and education for federal, state, and local policymakers about top-of-mind public safety topics including:

  • Emerging technology in the public safety arena
  • Ethical and sustainable artificial intelligence development
  • Dual-use defense technology for enhanced force protection

We are a bipartisan solution that threads the needle between privacy and gun debates.

ZeroEyes’ 10-Year Vision

ZeroEyes is the leader in cutting-edge A.I. gun detection technology used in schools, businesses, and U.S. government facilities across America. Our mission is to prevent mass shootings and gun-related violence from continuing to plague the nation, and our vision is to become the leader in public safety, complex threat detection, and force protection across all sectors within the next 10 years.


The ZeroEyes Commitments

We are proud of our company, our technology, and our mission. Our pride comes from the commitments we make to our clients, the people we protect, and to ourselves, including:

  • Only developing the best-in-class A.I. in the United States
  • Building all of our products and services to maintain NDAA compliance
  • Never utilizing third parties for critical tasks including detection verification and alerts
  • Never storing or monetizing data or Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

The ZeroEyes Difference

Our Team & Culture

ZeroEyes was founded by, and employs, U.S. military veterans, technology experts, patriots, and problem solvers.


Industry Validation

ZeroEyes has major multi-industry Fortune 500 customers, including businesses, schools, and government facilities across 30+ U.S. states.

American Flag

Developed In The United States

We develop our software solution domestically in the U.S. – never offshore.


U.S. Government Vetted

ZeroEyes holds SAFETY Act DT&E Designation from the Department of Homeland Security and multiple contracts with the Department of Defense.

Human Verification

ZeroEyes Operations Centers (PA & HI) are staffed and detections are verified by former military and law enforcement veterans.

Additional Privacy

ZeroEyes detects objects only; never facial or voice recognition or behavioral characteristics and our software has no ability to view active camera feeds. We maintain FERPA, CCPA, and GDPR compliance.


ZeroEyes holds ISO 27001 compliance and is pursuing FEDRAMP and CMMC accreditations.


For More Information On Our Legislative Priorities, Contact ZeroEyes Today.