Outdoor Security

Stop Active Shooter Threats Before They Enter Your Buildings

Active shooter threats come from the outside. Keeping guns out of your buildings is vital to combating a mass shooting inside. ZeroEyes integrates with your current security cameras to detect visible guns in parking lots, streets, parks and public spaces—even in crowded areas.

Did You Know?

The average school shooting lasts



While the average police response time is



The ZeroEyes Advantage


Can decrease response time


Helps lead people to evacuation points


Provides information to direct first responders


Assists in guiding people to safe zones

Lock Down

Advises occupants to lockdown or evacuate buildings

Make Your Exterior Cameras “Smarter” with Outdoor A.I. Gun Detection

Parking Lot Security
Parking Lot Security

Parking Lot Security

Parking lots are shooters’ most common staging areas. They park and arm themselves, often with assault rifles and other guns in plain sight, before walking toward the building they plan to attack.

Your security team can’t monitor all your cameras all the time. ZeroEyes’ A.I. gun detection software, coupled with our human verification, alerts security and first responders of a visible gun in as fast as 3–5 seconds of detection to save time and save lives.

Street, Park & Public Space Security

If your buildings are located near places like parks, busy streets, town squares, and boardwalks, you’re at risk. All see mass traffic from the general public, leading to increased threats from outside.

Monitor any public space outside of your building 24/7/365, non-invasively, with ZeroEyes gun detection technology…before the threat enters your buildings.

Mosque and Synagogue Security
Park Security
Park Security
Crowd and Concert Security

Crowd & Concert Security

Crowds outside of your buildings are virtually impossible for your security staff to fully monitor, let alone detect a brandished gun in real time before shots are fired.

ZeroEyes’ A.I. gun detection technology easily distinguishes guns from crowds, needing only 10% of the gun visible to make a detection, even on dark backgrounds.


At an average cost of less than a few cups of coffee per student, employee or customer per year, ZeroEyes is the most economical solution compared to other reactive security measures that require additional staff.

Get more information about protecting your outdoor spaces from mass shooting threats. Visit our Resources page to view safety checklists, ebooks, infographics, case studies, podcasts, FAQs, and more. 

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In an active shooter situation, best laid plans turn into chaos. Add ZeroEyes proactive gun detection to protect your patrons.