Meet ZEO: ZeroEyes One

Protection from Gun Violence Starting with One Camera

ZeroEyes One allows organizations of all sizes to access gun detection and situational awareness that works on existing security cameras.

Why ZEO Gun Detection & Situational Awareness?

AI gun detection for school safety

Works with Existing Security Cameras

By layering onto  your existing digital security cameras, you avoid having to purchase or install expensive new hardware.
gun detection solution from zeroeyes

No Privacy or Bias Issues

ZeroEyes does not monitor live feeds, have facial recognition, look at clothing or skin color, or detect anything other than brandished firearms. We are FERPA compliant and do not collect PII.
gun detection solution from zeroeyes

Enterprise features, accessible pricing

Get access to the same powerful AI and human verification that is used in thousands of buildings, tailored to your budget.

See how ZeroEyes gun detection works

ZeroEyes connects to existing security cameras and monitors streaming video feeds for firearms.

Who Uses ZeroEyes?

Keep a variety of spaces safe from gun violence, including indoor and outdoor venues, public and private spaces, and crowded or spacious areas.

Retail and Grocery
Gun violence is an increasing issue for retailers around the country. From luxury clothing and jewelry to grocery stores and hobby shops—ZeroEyes provides proactive gun detection and situational awareness that saves time and saves lives.
Gas Stations and Convenience Stores
Give your employees and patrons peace of mind by proactively detecting any brandished guns on your premises. Using existing security cameras, you can spot a firearm and have authorities alerted in as little as 3-5 seconds.
Schools and Childcare Facilities
Keeping children safe is the original mission of ZeroEyes. From entrances and hallways to playgrounds and courtyards, we can keep your campus and facilities safe without a big budget or long installation timeline.
Stadiums and Sports Venues
Whether it’s a community park, high school stadium, college arena, or professional team’s complex—ZeroEyes secures indoor and outdoor spaces by proactively detecting guns and providing situational awareness to first responders, authorities, and clients.
Restaurants and Cafes
Keeping your restaurant or cafe safe from gun violence can mean the difference in staying in business or having to close. For most food service businesses, word of mouth is critical to success. Keeping patrons and staff safe is a must and ZeroEyes can help make that happen.
Assisted Living and Senior Care
When you’re a caregiver, keeping people safe is a top concern. From preventing falls to monitoring wellness, you’ve got your hands full. Let ZeroEyes take care of gun detection at your facility so you can focus on what matters most—caring for people.
Doctor's Offices and Clinics
Doctor’s offices, clinics, and urgent care facilities have an important role in keeping our community healthy. ZeroEyes knows that keeping your staff, patients, and visitors safe is also a must. We’ll handle proactive gun detection and situational awareness so you can focus on patient care.

How to Get Started with ZEO

Getting proactive gun detection and situational awareness for your organization is only a few steps away. Start today!


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Onboarding and installation


Verification and go live

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