Optical AI

ZeroEyes software analyzes over three billion images each day from security camera video feeds and alerts authorities within seconds if a firearm is detected.


ZeroEyes connects to existing security cameras and monitors streaming video feeds for firearms.



“ZeroEyes is a welcomed force multiplier. This system will increase the situational awareness for our response forces through advanced threat detection analytics and automated threat alerting providing both a rapid and accurate response. During an active shooter situation time is critical and saving time means saving lives.”

Major Jordan Criss,
Commander of the 325th Security Forces Squadron

“I am blessed to be in a school district that has a Board of Directors truly committed to protecting the students, staff, and guests and they realize how valuable ZeroEyes is. This system is an absolute must have for any school district or commercial business serious about providing the safest environment.”

Robert K., Chief of Police,
South Side Area School District, PA

“Although vendors will tell you they have the magic wand that will solve every problem we have, that is incorrect. We look at this from a holistic standpoint, so we are adding layers to the security and ZeroEyes is one of those layers.”

Captain Francis., Safety and Security Director,
Seminole County Schools

“It is almost impossible for us to monitor cameras constantly. ZeroEyes is very helpful because our first responders would like to know exactly where the threat is inside the building.”

Debra Murillo., Police Office and School Resource Officer,
Mount Holly


Images to train our AI models to recognize firearms in any environment


Video frames analyzed per second


Seconds alert time from detection, human verification to first responders alert


Coverage by trained technicians in the ZOC (ZeroEyes Operation Center)

Save time. Save lives.

The ZeroEyes team is standing by to walk you through proactive gun detection that leverages AI-powered technology and human verification that works with your existing security cameras.

Keeping people and property safe is our mission. We work with you to help ensure rapid detection and response to brandished guns—alerting first responders and law enforcement within seconds.

Let’s talk about how we can help your organization.



ZeroEyes is making headlines. See what people are saying about our AI gun detection technology that helps detect guns before shots are fired—to enable faster response times and ultimately end incidents before they become mass shootings.

NBC Nightly News
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“Hundreds of schools across the United States are using an artificial intelligence system that is designed to detect guns and prevent mass shootings. NBC News’ Rehema Ellis has a closer look at how the technology works.”

ABC News
Abc News Video

"I don't think anybody should question or be fearful of an artificial intelligence program that's going to identify an immediate imminent threat of someone being shot or killed. You can't put a price tag on saving a life," Jay Prettyman, the police chief in Ocean City, told ABC News.

CBS News
Cbs News

As gun violence continues, one company is trying to use AI to help prevent further tragedy. Manuel Bojorquez takes a look at how the technology can help spot threats in real time.

Fox News
Fox News 2

While most people look to artificial intelligence, or AI, for quick answers to complex problems, a growing number of school districts are turning to the technology to keep their students and staff safe.

CNN News
Cnn News

As mass shootings continue to rattle the United States, one technology company is hoping to prevent more shootings with the use of artificial intelligence -- but some advocates raise concerns about its use. CNN's Josh Campbell reports.

Inside Edition
Inside Edition
Inside Edition

The school outside Detroit was the scene of a shooting that claimed the lives of four people. An AI weapons detection software called ZeroEyes has been installed in some of their 190 security cameras, the school tells Inside Edition.

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behind the scenes at zeroeyes

Meet ZeroEyes

Reserve a time for an inside look at how we are helping enhance security and reduce risks in schools, businesses, military bases, and government facilities across the country.

The tech

See how ZeroEyes computer vision and image classification technology processes thousands of images per second and instantly recognizes suspected firearms. You’ll also get a chance to check out the ZeroEyes mobile app and see how system administrators receive alerts and critical information if a firearm is detected.

The team

Take a look behind the scenes in the ZeroEyes Operation Center (ZOC) where our team reviews alerts and confirms whether or not a weapon is present. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of our operating protocols and get a chance to discuss how we work with stakeholders in your organization.

Meet The Executive Leadership Team

Mike Lahiff


CEO and Co-Founder

Sam Alaimo


CRO and Co-Founder

Tim Sulzer


CTO and Co-Founder

Rob Huberty


COO and Co-Founder

JT Wilkings


SVP of Sales

Dustin Brooks


Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder

Kieran Carroll


Chief Strategy Officer

Marcus Day


EVP of Research & Development

Dustin Kisling


SVP of Strategy

Carter Stapleton


VP of Operations

Matt Grainer


SVP of Finance

Jonathan Norton

Jonathan Norton

VP of Commercial Sales

David Barton


VP of Marketing

David Barton


SVP of Engineering

Industries we serve

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Education / K12 & Higher Ed

ZeroEyes started with an idea to help protect children from the growing threat of mass shootings at elementary, middle, and high schools. Now, from kindergarten to college, it’s transforming campus safety nationwide…
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Commercial & Non-profit

Shootings at commercial businesses, places of worship, and non-profit institutions are on the rise. Find out how you can protect your customers and employees — and limit your business’s liability.
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Military & Government

Founded by a team of military veterans and elite technologists, ZeroEyes helps secure government facilities across America and Canada. Learn why the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has high confidence in our technology’s ability to detect guns.

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Accreditations &

ZeroEyes is the only AI visual detection technology to be granted a DHS SAFETY Act Designation for a new technology that demonstrates effectiveness during operational testing or through prior use.

As part of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, Congress passed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act to save lives by aiding in the development of new technologies to detect, prevent, and mitigate the effects of terrorist attacks.