May 09, 2024
What Should You Expect From Our Gun Detection Technology?
From day one, ZeroEyes built our gun detection platform based on common-sense standards... Not because it would have given us a distinct sales advantage—but because it's the right thing to do to gain the trust of taxpayers, school administrators, businesses, and first responders. Here's how we do it...
Verification Operator Monitor (2)

DHS SAFETY Act Designation

Safety Act This is when the Department of Homeland Security validates a vendor’s processes, methodologies, how they build their software, how they collect/annotate/optimize their data, how they deploy their software, and how they manage their software.

The designation is ongoing, with constant re-certification, and is the best validation metric in the industry.

While rigorous, it’s free for vendors and is not a barrier to entry as long as they can meet the standards. Taxpayers should not subsidize technologies that cannot or will not meet these standards.




24/7/365 Organic Monitoring

Security solutions are useless if they aren’t provided as a managed service, and vendors who third-party their monitoring (often to offshore providers) are doing a major disservice to their end users for many reasons.

Using old-school security monitors (like those whose names you might see on signs in neighbors’ yards) is sub-optimal, as their call centers can’t adequately manage the complexities required to deliver a valuable service.


Awarded Patents That Directly Pertain to the Solution

If a vendor hasn’t protected their IP, it typically means their business isn’t built with any sort of actual stability or longevity in mind. Why should taxpayers be on the hook to fund a business that can’t actually deliver unique IP?


US-built and Manufactured

American Flag Every piece of our software development is done in the United States. Many of our ‘self-described competitors’ offshore their development into China, eastern Europe, India, etc, where they lose control of their supply chain—and may even indirectly fund adverse nation-states.

Future regulatory headwinds are coming down from Congress against any software that touches a public sector network that wasn’t 100% developed in the United States. Why should taxpayers be left holding the bag for vendors who knowingly cut corners to improve their margins?


No Use of Third-party or Non-organic Data

ZeroEyes owns every frame of annotated data that feeds our algorithms…

So we’ll never face a lawsuit like The New York Times vs. OpenAI. 

All of our competitors use third-party data, giving their customers a major business risk if they get sued.

Pro tip: If you have annotated images in your datasets that came from cameras you don’t directly own, that’s the definition of “non-organic” data. You’re monetizing someone else’s data—and that’s a major risk to taxpayers.

Bottom Line

We support free-market, open competition when products and services are commodities…

Unfortunately, in our corner of the world, no other company comes close

We’re proud of our standards and fiercely dedicated team. 


Ready to see how ZeroEyes’ visual gun detection can help save time and save lives in your organization? 

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Only Have a Few Security Cameras?

We launched ZeroEyes One (ZEO) for you!

You get all of the same functionality of our enterprise solution, now available for even just ONE camera!

  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Human verification from US-based ZeroEyes Operations Centers
  • Alerts in as little as 3-5 seconds
  • Desktop and mobile app

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Our team consists of former Navy SEALs, military personnel and technology experts with a passion for contributing to the greater good. We're subject matter experts in the fields of weaponry and gun-detection technology, and our sole focus is creating easy-to-use, non-invasive software to help prevent mass shootings and gun-related violence.

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