June 08, 2020
Using Your Existing Security Cameras in Weapons Detection

Mass shootings are occurring with alarming frequency in our country, but up until now, on-site security and first responders have not had the intel they needed to respond quickly enough to save lives when seconds matter. 

Without real-time situational awareness during an active-shooter incident, first responders must take time after they arrive to gather accurate information and develop a better understanding of the situation before they can take action to stop the threat. But by that time, more lives may have been needlessly lost.

With the ZeroEyes weapons detection platform enhancing your existing security camera system, on-site security personnel and emergency responders know immediately who the threat actors are, where they are, and what they are doing, providing security forces with the tactical intelligence they need to engage the threat quickly and effectively. 

Cameras can be a powerful tool to help secure the safety of schools, businesses, offices, and public locations. ZeroEyes technology is integrated into your existing security camera system, using an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to provide real-time weapons detection. 

The AI algorithm in the ZeroEyes platform is constantly scanning the camera frames for guns and is able to identify a wide variety of weapons. When a weapon is detected, an alert is immediately sent through the ZeroEyes monitoring platform and mobile app with an image of the shooter and the shooter’s location to everyone the system has been programmed to contact.

ZeroEyes has an industry-leading low false-positive rate, which means that when that alarm goes off, you know it’s not an accident. You also know exactly where the threat is so that you can take immediate action to protect your people and move them out of harm’s way. 

As perpetrators walk through the facility, cameras pick up their location and provide real-time location tracking, suspect descriptions, and valuable situational awareness to increase security force reaction time and give them the information they need to quickly eliminate the threat. 

ZeroEyes is founded and directed by US military veterans with deep experience in Special Ops and Military Intelligence, including Navy SEALs and Navy Intelligence Officers. We have been trained and have fought to save lives. It is our mission to continue that commitment of service by providing the nation’s leading weapons-detection solution for the ultimate protection of your school, institution, or company. 

As soldiers, we had at our disposal the most state-of-the-art, military-grade technology to provide us with the situational intel we needed to get in, get the job done, and get out. We believe civilian security forces and first responders should also have the best technology to equip them to save lives. Contact us here at ZeroEyes about your particular needs to see how we can help you protect your patrons, your staff, and your students.


Our team consists of former Navy SEALs, military personnel and technology experts with a passion for contributing to the greater good. We're subject matter experts in the fields of weaponry and gun-detection technology, and our sole focus is creating easy-to-use, non-invasive software to help prevent mass shootings and gun-related violence.

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