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ZeroEyes Gun Detection Models For Security Cameras

Gun Detection Makes Security Cameras More Powerful

The world has become a much more connected place. That has resulted in a need for more security everywhere. Facility managers have added security cameras throughout their properties. This allows them to monitor spaces, and protect people within them.

Gun detection can be a powerful deterrent to the threat of violence. In today’s world that is important for schools, places of worship, as well as in hospitality. This technology should not be your only security measure to stop active shooters. Consequently, the ability to have existing security cameras detect guns is  very powerful.
Protecting People From Gun Violence
In recent years, the threat of gun violence has increased. News stories about school shootings or other instances of gun violence in places of worship are more prevalent now. Moreover, there have been an increased number of senseless acts of violence in the last 10-15 years. That has resulted in high anxiety and confusion. ZeroEyes is dedicated to providing security professionals valuable information in real-time.

Notwithstanding existing security measures in engineering design, more must be done.
Addressing Privacy Concerns
ZeroEyes technology is primarily concerned with detecting guns. A threat’s face will be recorded in the form of a screen capture. Likewise, screen captures provide first responders with appropriate situational awareness so they can best help people. Facial recognition does not have to be activated during normal operations. It is only in the unfortunate event that there is a real threat, where a face would be captured and recorded by the ZeroEyes system.

Also, the system can ingest lists of sexual predators, most wanted, or other known persons of interest to provide even more information to authorities. This kind of preemptive consideration can prevent the need to detect a gun at all. ZeroEyes’ concern is stopping violence before it occurs.

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Your Security Cameras Can Be Even More Useful

Turning Existing Security Cameras Into Security Guards
Many security cameras installed today are high resolution enough to be utilized with ZeroEyes technology. This capacity to retrofit makes the product much more accessible. With an additional server rack, and the time to install, your facility can begin improving upon your security very quickly. Every educational facility deserves to provide a healthy learning environment for everybody involved.
Comparing Alternatives
One of the problems with certain security measures is that they end up causing more anxiety. The sheer visibility of metal detectors in schools can make people feel uncomfortable. While providing an unfortunately necessary protocol to protect people from an unexpected disaster, you can create a toxic environment. It may be required in some places to have high security checks but in schools it is best if the protection can be relatively unnoticed.

The notion of arming teachers makes many people nervous. Without weighing in on whether or not that is a viable strategy for defense, it can be agreed that this could add significant worry & concern for people. Just as in the case of adding metal detectors or other machinery for people to check in with at the entrance, introducing more weapons on the premises does not generally increase a feeling of calm.
Many states have a surplus of funding available to them for school security measures. There are simply not enough solutions to accommodate the current needs. People do not know what to do with their available resources. The typical tactics taken to make improvements have been adding armed security guards or teachers, metal detectors, and increasing the number of cameras. As previously stated, the first two solutions tend to increase anxiety and make people feel less safe. Adding security cameras may be helpful for places that lack coverage. However, it is still infeasible for a human being to monitor hundreds of cameras every day, especially when the likelihood of an incident occurring is (thankfully) fairly low.

Adding support to already existing security cameras is an excellent way to make efficient use of state & federal funding to improve school security.
Added Value
While horrible, and increasing in frequency, a school shooting is still a very rare occurrence. Hopefully ZeroEyes technology  never detects a weapon on any of your security cameras. During normal operations, ZeroEyes can still support school personnel in monitoring the school.

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Weapon Recognition Technology Education

Technology Education For School Superintendents
The ZeroEyes solution requires a dedicated server box to run efficiently. 911 emergency responders can utilize the user interface to access critical information. Also, school administrators or security resource officers can have access to the mobile version for receiving alerts about the location of on-site threats. Therefore, the reach of this technology becomes widespread. 

An additional desktop version of the user interface can be available on site. With this desktop version, security guards on-site can receive real-time information. Others can receive that information depending on system protocols. 
How Does It Work?
This software solution “reads” the feeds from all of your cameras. The software determines when a weapon is detected through a sophisticated processing engine, and archived analytics. When a weapon is detected, an alert is delivered to inform whoever it is programmed to inform. That process all occurs in mere moments, allowing for much faster response times with more information than people have had in these situations in the past.

ZeroEyes’ machine learning and development team have spent thousands of hours “teaching” their algorithm how to detect a gun when one appears on screen. This helps the artificial intelligence get better over time.
Incorporating Into Drills
Technology education for those involved with the implementation of active shooter drills is important. Teachers, administrators, and security resource officers should all have facility with ZeroEyes technology to make active shooter drills more effective, and less invasive. Recently, drills intended to simulate reality have left physical or emotional scars on people involved. At ZeroEyes, there is a commitment to decrease anxiety, and increase empowerment for superintendents and other school officials.

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What Is Weapon Recognition Technology?

Weapon Recognition Technology Provides Real-Time Response
In the wake of school shooting incidents over the past 10 years, people are anxious about creating safe environments. The ability to detect weapons on premises is unfortunately a necessity now. Cameras are already in place at most schools. There are also no clear causes or indications of when a school shooting will occur. Therefore, it would be infeasible to have a human security guard watch all cameras all the time.

ZeroEyes has created weapon recognition technology to provide real-time information to those who protect people if the worst happens. By using open source software, and products from IBM, Dell, and Nvidia, ZeroEyes’ weapon recognition technology allows schools to save time in the event of an on-site threat. While the algorithm and supporting technology ZeroEyes has developed is proprietary, some of the work to build it has included thousands of hours of manual detection, and programming of artificial intelligence.
A Weapon Or Not A Weapon
The simplest way to understand how this technology works, is to know the rudiments of artificial intelligence programming. Essentially, the process is teaching a computer a detection task. But the machine needs to be taught. That is why our team actively trains the machine to become better. This involves a series of tests, and checks, to determine how well the machine is beginning to identify the difference between what a weapon looks like, and what a weapon does not look like. At its core, weapon recognition technology is an ability for cameras to determine when a weapon is seen. Rather than being blind to hundreds of cameras, we enable you to see them all.

ZeroEyes technology improves itself with machine learning. The software is beginning to make its own determinations about what is or is not a weapon. This is going to result in an improved rate of response, and decreased “false-positive” rate. The team actively trains the algorithm at installation sites where the ZeroEyes technology is in place. A typical active shooter in these scenarios has been an untrained 16 year old boy. ZeroEyes is teaching their program how to spot a weapon held by a trained Navy SEAL. This enhanced capability sets ZeroEyes apart from other weapon recognition technology companies too.
The Future Of Protection
Obviously we all hope that there is never another school shooting. These tragic events must be addressed, and that has to happen at the interpersonal level. What ZeroEyes technology can do to support the future of protecting students, teachers, and administrators – is provide the freedom to keep “zero eyes” on camera systems. This cannot be a school’s only measure for increased safety, but nevertheless it should be at the core of their security protocols.

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