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How Our Specialization in Gun Detection Keeps Your People Safer

At ZeroEyes, we have chosen to focus our expertise on providing the most state-of-the-art gun detection technology rather than spreading ourselves thin by loading on additional services that may sound good but may be substandard because of the divided attention. There are other security services on the market that have added features that are hot topics right now – temperature checks and face-mask compliance for COVID-19, metal detectors, aggressive behaviors, identity detection, and more. While this sounds attractive, there is an old saying: “jack of all trades but master of none.” We have chosen to be masters in the field of accurate, rapid, effective gun detection. As US military veterans (special ops), we know the importance of having critical situational awareness and real-time intel in a combat situation – and an active shooter scenario is a combat situation. Our specialization in gun detection technology has given us the critical focus we need to develop the most innovative, proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) platform, including machine-learning algorithms to constantly evolve into an ever-stronger and more effective weapon against gun violence. With this expertise, we have created a 21st-century “Digital Fire Alarm” that instantly warns organization leaders and first responders within 3-5 seconds of detecting firearms. Some add-on services risk false positives – a metal detector can misclassify a harmless item as a gun, aggressive behavior sensors can misread a person’s behavior – and these false positives can lead to arresting or injuring innocent people. Other add-ons, such as identity detection and the COVID systems, are being challenged for an invasion of privacy and could lead to lawsuits. Our ZeroEyes gun detection system has no false positives. When a gun is detected, you will know immediately, and so will law enforcement. Seconds count in active shooter scenarios; instant feedback will give you the chance to lock out or lock down the intruder and will significantly reduce response time, saving lives. Furthermore, ZeroEyes was recently certified RapidSOS Ready, allowing critical data and active threats to be sent directly to 911 dispatchers, speeding response time and improving real-time intel even more. At ZeroEyes, we are constantly improving what we do best – gun detection. This is the value of specialization. Contact us to see how our ZeroEyes AI gun detection system can provide you with the security you need to protect your people from gun threats.
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Gun Detection AI to help locate active shooter quickly
AI Detection

Shots Are Fired; But Where’s the Shooter?

In an active shooter situation, seconds count. The sooner law enforcement arrives on the scene and finds the shooter, the fewer lives are endangered. But this can be a real challenge with standard security systems and response tactics.  ZeroEyes AI gun detection dramatically cuts response time and provides first responders with the critical intel they need to stop threat actors. The moment a gun is visible, even before shots are fired, ZeroEyes, attached to your security cameras, will send a message to the critical people whom you choose to alert – your administrators, security personnel on location, and the law enforcement dispatch in your area. This allows you to immediately set into play your active shooter protocols and protect your people. Unique to the ZeroEyes system is our team of former military special ops and other security personnel who provide personal, human surveillance of your system 24/7. When a threat is detected and our system sends the alert, our team of military veterans go into action, coordinating the distribution of mission-critical information in real time, so that the forces on the ground can respond immediately and decisively to neutralize the threat. Real-time updates as the shooter moves through the facility give first responders the military-level intelligence they need to find the shooter quickly. These alerts also allow administrators time to lock down the building or the wing in order to trap the shooter in a given area and prevent further movement. Because all shooters are different, ZeroEyes is equipped with machine-learning algorithms to constantly evolve into a stronger and more effective weapon against gun violence. ZeroEyes removes the potential for human error; a security guard who is distracted from the screen for even a moment may miss early detection, but ZeroEyes is always on watch. Schools and universities, stadiums, theme parks, museums, airports, corporate campuses, hospitals, office buildings – wherever people congregate, there is potential for a live shooter scenario. People deserve to feel safe. You can upgrade your security significantly and increase the safety of your premises dramatically by adding ZeroEyes Gun Detection System to your existing security cameras. Call us today to find out how we can help you target-harden your facilities.
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Using Your Existing Security Cameras in Weapons Detection

Mass shootings are occurring with alarming frequency in our country, but up until now, on-site security and first responders have not had the intel they needed to respond quickly enough to save lives when seconds matter.  Without real-time situational awareness during an active-shooter incident, first responders must take time after they arrive to gather accurate information and develop a better understanding of the situation before they can take action to stop the threat. But by that time, more lives may have been needlessly lost. With the ZeroEyes weapons detection platform enhancing your existing security camera system, on-site security personnel and emergency responders know immediately who the threat actors are, where they are, and what they are doing, providing security forces with the tactical intelligence they need to engage the threat quickly and effectively.  Cameras can be a powerful tool to help secure the safety of schools, businesses, offices, and public locations. ZeroEyes technology is integrated into your existing security camera system, using an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to provide real-time weapons detection.  The AI algorithm in the ZeroEyes platform is constantly scanning the camera frames for guns and is able to identify a wide variety of weapons. When a weapon is detected, an alert is immediately sent through the ZeroEyes monitoring platform and mobile app with an image of the shooter and the shooter’s location to everyone the system has been programmed to contact. ZeroEyes has an industry-leading low false-positive rate, which means that when that alarm goes off, you know it’s not an accident. You also know exactly where the threat is so that you can take immediate action to protect your people and move them out of harm’s way.  As perpetrators walk through the facility, cameras pick up their location and provide real-time location tracking, suspect descriptions, and valuable situational awareness to increase security force reaction time and give them the information they need to quickly eliminate the threat.  ZeroEyes is founded and directed by US military veterans with deep experience in Special Ops and Military Intelligence, including Navy SEALs and Navy Intelligence Officers. We have been trained and have fought to save lives. It is our mission to continue that commitment of service by providing the nation’s leading weapons-detection solution for the ultimate protection of your school, institution, or company.  As soldiers, we had at our disposal the most state-of-the-art, military-grade technology to provide us with the situational intel we needed to get in, get the job done, and get out. We believe civilian security forces and first responders should also have the best technology to equip them to save lives. Contact us here at ZeroEyes about your particular needs to see how we can help you protect your patrons, your staff, and your students.
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About Gun Detection Technology

Using Gun Detection Technology To Stop School Shootings
Rob Huberty is ZeroEyes’ COO. CBS3 Norfolk, VA spoke with Rob about ZeroEyes’ gun detection technology. The entire article can be found here. Rob spoke about how the company was formed. In addition, he shared about why this is so important to him and his team. In his own words,
“I want to stop active shooters. It’s sickening to see a shooting every single day and somebody else’s life is devastated by gun violence.”
As a former Navy SEAL Rob knows the experience of being in gun fire all too well. He and his team believe that nobody should have to go through that, especially children. After returning home from active duty, Rob was looking for a purpose. As a result, Rob and some of his former SEAL Team members joined together to form ZeroEyes as a result.
ZeroEyes Gun Detection Technology Saves Valuable Time
ZeroEyes can now detect AK-47. AR15, 9mm handguns, and other fire arms. Without ZeroEyes cameras are able to capture information passively. Cameras provide forensic data to determine what occurred after a tragedy happens. While that does assist with forensic investigation, it does not help during the crisis itself. On the other hand, with ZeroEyes in place, those same cameras become active.

For the past several years Rob and his team have been training cameras to be more intelligent. By installing their software at test sites, they show the cameras guns and teach the machine to learn. The term “machine learning” is becoming popularized now, but it can be misleading. In some respects artificial intelligence teaches itself. However people often don’t understand that it’s human beings who are doing the teaching.

Rob says it best when he says,
“We view ourselves as one component of safety. It’s not the only solution…it’s going to require a lot of different components. This would be a value add.”

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Defending Against School Shootings

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Details Companies That Provide Defense For School Shootings
The CBC recently recognized ZeroEyes as a piece of the solution to stopping school shootings. Skip to 3:45 to see ZeroEyes in this piece. CEO Mike Lahiff speaks with the host about gun detection. The benefits to this kind of technology are immense. ZeroEyes has their sights set on school security to make school safe again. While the team recognizes this kind of prevention is a piece of the puzzle, the problem runs much deeper.

Furthermore, the CBC covered this same story in an article on their website. You can read that story in full here. In his interview with the CBC, CEO Mike Lahiff said,
“My wife’s a school teacher…and I got tired of turning on the news and seeing active shooter events almost every week. It’s disgusting. And there’s not really a good solution out there.”
Using Technology To Stop School Shootings
There are a lot of benefits to having AI supporting your school security staff and local police. It is impossible to have people watching every security camera feed all the time. Our brains and eyes are only capable of processing so much. However, when we know what we need to do we can jump into action with the best possible information available. That’s what ZeroEyes is all about.

This company gives first responders the situational awareness they need to keep themselves and other people safe. Hopefully there is never another school shooting. Unfortunately it seems like they may keep happening unless there are additional security measures put into practice. ZeroEyes is not the only solution, but it is an integral cog in the wheel.

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AI Detection News School Security ZeroEyes in the News

Discussing Gun Detection Tech With WBIR NBC 10

What Is Gun Detection Tech?
In some sense this is a straightforward phrase. Gun detection tech is software that can read camera feeds to detect if a gun is present. Security cameras are fed into a computer and analyzed using an algorithm to determine whether or not a gun is on camera. ZeroEyes then sends that information to the appropriate authorities.

Schools in America desperately need something like this to help protect students and teachers. In the past 20 years there have been far too many incidents of violence on school properties. ZeroEyes is a company which was founded by former Navy SEALs. The mission of the company is to stop school shootings. Recently, Caleb Jones of ZeroEyes sat down with WBIR NBC 10 to discuss the company.

Caleb says, “I can’t think of a more difficult problem to solve, or a more impactful problem than the violence that we’re seeing in school today.” Watch the full news story here:

Gun Detection Tech Innovation
What Caleb says is true. “Something has to be done now…” In like manner, too many conversations about this topic devolve into a political argument. ZeroEyes provides a part of the solution. Theirs enables cameras to see guns. Security cameras can become even more powerful with this technology. “In a nutshell it’s a – a weapon is seen on a camera, the computer identifies that, sends the alert…” Ultimately technology like this will give first responders more time. Additionally, we need to find ways to get this technology into schools affordably.

That potential could save valuable seconds at a crucial time.
“A computer never gets complacent…”
Gun detection tech is secure. It is constantly learning. Over time ZeroEyes gun detection tech will actually improve. Therefore it will never get complacent. “Again, if you’re holding a stick like a gun, even the human’s gonna be like, ‘hey is that a gun?'”

This company exists to provide people predictive, preventative support. There is no way to predict when a school shooting will occur. The only way to prepare for it is to have the best possible information in the hands of the people who need it most. Quickly. At the end of the day it’s about saving lives.

Caleb says it best when he says,
“…if we could save one life I would call it the greatest success of…my life.”

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Security Guard
AI Detection School Security

Helping Security Guards With Situational Awareness

Security Guards Deserve Better Intelligence
School shootings are a horrible reality now. Walkie talkie communications are insufficient if there is no visual of the perpetrator(s). 911 is only available once a shooting has begun, and somebody calls. In many instances it is simply too late for security guards, because there is too much lag time. Between the moment a shooter is on site, to the time they bare their weapon and begin firing, a lot of time passes.
Have ZeroEyes Analyzing Your Camera Feeds For Your Security Guards
By having gun detection on your camera systems, they become more intelligent. First the camera detects a gun. Then proper authorities receive an alert. Using that intelligence first responders and security guards can spring into action. Then a trigger for access controls closes doors and locks them. A security guard can be given location data and images of the shooter so they can help people to safety. Therefore if security guards were able to have access to this information they could save valuable seconds, or minutes, in saving more lives.
The Federal Commission On School Safety
In 2018 President Donald J. Trump appointed U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to lead the Federal Commission on School Safety. She provides meaningful and actionable recommendations to protect schools and students. No one-size-fits-all solution to this complex problem exists. But it is promising to know that the Federal government is taking action towards making our schools safer.
Security Guards Provide A General Sense Of Safety
Security guards provide a general sense of safety within a school. They should not be given the pressure of stopping an active shooter. Their role in protecting students and faculty could be better positioned to usher people to safety. Rather than having to engage in live fire with an active shooter, security professionals need better situational awareness to allow them to protect people.

Nevertheless it is important to remember that security in schools requires a multifaceted program. There is no one-size-fits all solution. Every school has different circumstances that need to be addressed as well. If you are seeking new solutions for school security, consider making your cameras more intelligent. As a result your security guards will be safer and better able to provide a safe environment.

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School Students Safety
AI Detection School Security

Pennsylvania School Safety Bills Being Introduced

Pennsylvania School Safety Programs Will Begin At The Source
In the wake of horrendous school shootings, state lawmakers are looking for answers. Pennsylvania school safety is getting a boost from new funding. Bi-partisan politicians approved $60,000,000 to create sustained assistance to schools.

PA Rep. Dan Miller said,
“Many schools used…money (to) improve the physical safety of their buildings, but many more asked for more sustained assistance in relation to trained professionals to help connect the kids to improve learning and address problems before they occur.”
Basically, the issue is, that increasing school security does not address the root problems. Adding more cameras, armed guards, and other assets can be helpful, but they don’t help students who are troubled or struggling.

Rep. Mike Sturla from Lancaster says,
“Those are the things that we need to address in the schools and not wait until we have a tragedy like we just saw in Colorado…”
Even when analyzing Google search results for things like, “school shooting,” we see a spike in search volume immediately after an incident. In between school shootings that receive national attention, there are virtually no searches for this term. There is an instinct to avoid considering the possibility of a tragedy like this ever occurring. In any event, it is fortunate that the state of Pennsylvania is beginning to allocate more resources for preventative interventions.
Schools Need Even More Support
Rich Askey, President of the Pennsylvania State Education Associations notes, “These talented and dedicated people are spread so thin and wear so many different hats that they just can’t do everything they’d like to do for our children.” That is a huge problem we need to address as a society. Our schools should be some of the safest places for young people to go. It should be a major priority to provide these institutions what they need to ensure the safety and security of all students & faculty.
Improvements Take Time
More improvements to school safety must be made. Those improvements will take time, effort, and money to address. Therefore, as different attempts are made, people must be patient. Some solutions can address preventative measures. Others will be defensive in nature. A well rounded approach will yield the best results. The sad an uncomfortable truth is that school shootings are haphazard events which are difficult to predict.

What we can all hope for is that the root causes of this kind of violence are discovered and dealt with successfully. No student should ever be alienated to the point they take such drastic devastating action.

As a result, ZeroEyes will continue to create solutions to keep children safe in the unfortunate event tragedy strikes.

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Old Gun With Camera
AI Detection School Security

Weapons Detection – Podcast Conversation

Using Weapons Detection Technology To Protect Our Schools (Podcast Link)
As integrators of security products, Alpine Consulting has an interest in weapons detection technology also. The fact that ZeroEyes was founded by a group of former Navy SEALs has left an impression on Alpine. In addition, Earl Stevens and Stan Duda from Alpine Consulting have a special interest in the topic of threat and fraud protection. This podcast features a conversation between Stan and Earl from Alpine, with Dustin Brooks and Rob Huberty from ZeroEyes.

In this podcast conversation, you will hear information regarding school shooting statistics. The data can be incredibly alarming, and deeply disturbing. However, finding a solution to this problem is much deeper than technology. As all four of these men agree, as a society we are not going to stop mass shootings simply with technology. There is a deeper issue among people that has to be addressed. On the other hand, we can’t sit idly by waiting for the world to become a safer place.
Technology Won’t Stop Bullying
Many school shooters have been bullied or otherwise abused. It is unclear if there is a clear way to positively impact somebody intent on causing this kind of destruction. School administrators, teachers, and guidance counselors need help too. So long as people feel hopeless and ignored, they will may seek out destructive behaviors.
School Shooters Don’t Operate Rationally
School shooting perpetrators do not operate like most other violent criminals. As a result, a school shooter will almost always bare their weapon early and parade it around to terrorize people. ZeroEyes technology has the ability to detect that weapon, and send alerts to the proper authorities. This saves valuable time for first responders, and provides them with situational awareness to best take action.

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ZeroEyes Gun Detection Models For Security Cameras

Gun Detection Makes Security Cameras More Powerful

The world has become a much more connected place. That has resulted in a need for more security everywhere. Facility managers have added security cameras throughout their properties. This allows them to monitor spaces, and protect people within them.

Gun detection can be a powerful deterrent to the threat of violence. In today’s world that is important for schools, places of worship, as well as in hospitality. This technology should not be your only security measure to stop active shooters. Consequently, the ability to have existing security cameras detect guns is  very powerful.
Protecting People From Gun Violence
In recent years, the threat of gun violence has increased. News stories about school shootings or other instances of gun violence in places of worship are more prevalent now. Moreover, there have been an increased number of senseless acts of violence in the last 10-15 years. That has resulted in high anxiety and confusion. ZeroEyes is dedicated to providing security professionals valuable information in real-time.

Notwithstanding existing security measures in engineering design, more must be done.
Addressing Privacy Concerns
ZeroEyes technology is primarily concerned with detecting guns.  Likewise, screen captures provide first responders with appropriate situational awareness so they can best help people. It is only in the unfortunate event that there is a real threat, where a keyframe image would be captured and recorded by the ZeroEyes system.

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