School Security

Learn more about how ZeroEyes gun detection helps to protect students and faculty with AI technology that works with existing security cameras.


Since school security has become a major priority across the country, we felt a responsibility to contribute. Because school shootings have been occurring at an alarming rate in the past 20 years, something has to be done. Generally, our first responders don’t have enough situational awareness when they arrive on scene because of a lack of information. Consequently, they walk into unimaginable situations without knowledge of where threats are or how many people are involved. However, the “Fog of War” can create unnecessary delays in providing the support potential victims may need. In other words, we need to do better for our school security professionals. Therefore, we are diligently working to give back some of that lost time. In order to support the next generation, technology has to help curb this terrible trend. Specifically, the alert system inherent in our technology provides necessary communications. At the same time, the knowledge that ZeroEyes in place can be an inherent deterrent. By implementing ZeroEyes technology, first responders and other personnel can gain access to important information immediately, saving seconds, which can save lives.

Decrease Response Time

Marshal Students to Safe Zones

Lead People to Evacuation Points

Direct Law Enforcement to Precise Locations

School shootings are occurring at an alarming rate. Our first responders don’t have situational awareness when they arrive on scene. They walk into unimaginable situations and are often given misinformation. They are almost always told that there are more shooters than there really are. This “Fog of War” causes them to wait until they can have a better understanding. This lost time needs to be given back. By implementing ZeroEyes technology, first responders & other personnel can gain access to important information immediately, saving seconds which can save lives.

Decrease Response Time

Marshal Students to Safe Zones

Lead People to Evacuation Points

Direct Law Enforcement to Precise Locations

3 - 5 Min

Average Length of Active Shooter in School.


Number of students who have been exposed to gun violence in school since the Columbine incident in 1999.

12 - 15 Min

Average Length of Police Response Time from First Report.

School Bus Back End

Core Features

At the center of ZeroEyes is a proprietary artificial intelligence platform that is trained to identify weapons. Used with existing or new security cameras, your system is enabled to detect when and where weapons are visible. This allows for sending real-time alerts and updates to the appropriate authorities.

Weapon Detection

Truly, it is critical for police, first-responders, and on-site school security to have information about the location of threats. Indeed, our developers continuously program the ZeroEyes AI software to detect weapons more efficiently, producing a machine learning algorithm that improves over time.

Real-Time Alerts

If a threat moves throughout a facility, ZeroEyes will detect their weapon on each camera wherever they are within view. An alert is generated each time a weapon is detected, allowing the necessary school security personnel to understand where they are moving. As a result, this provides much needed real-time situational awareness.

Archived Analytics

Our algorithm is constantly learning to better detect weapons. In particular, this is being done by our staff, who are some of the most highly trained former American military. This provides our archived analytics best-in-class data to make the detection of weapons as effective as possible. Our AI is always getting smarter and faster.

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Incident Review



First Shot Fired


First Shot Fired


Police Arrive on Scene


Last Shot Fired


Reports of Second Shooter

7 Minutes Elapse

Before First Responders Enter


Police Enter Building


20 Child Victims

6 Adult Victims

30 Casualties


In this scenario, a shooter walked up to the school’s locked doors, shot through glass, and began terrorizing the entire facility – room by room. Police arrived on the scene and waited 7 min before entering.

Existing Security Measures:

  • Locked Doors
  • Quick Police Response Time
  • Alarms

ZeroEyes Analysis

Nothing can fully prepare school officials or students for how to react to an active shooter scenario. The people who have survived these horrific events do not generally have any military training, putting them at an extreme disadvantage. In fact, more must be done to help survivors cope with their trauma. ZeroEyes-equipped campus security cameras can identify and confirm the number of shooters and guns quickly. Once guns are identified by the ZeroEyes system, a security camera image is sent via text alert to the proper authorities. When first responders have quality intelligence, they can more quickly reach the exact location of the shooter and potential victims, rather than piecing together information from a patchwork of 9-1-1 calls. In real-life testing, ZeroEyes technology was able to identify a shooter who had dropped his weapon, changed clothes, and hid among the population. 

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