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Commercial Business Safety Checklist

Keeping people and business property safe through proactive gun detection is our mission. We work with clients to ensure rapid detection and response to brandished guns—alerting first responders and law enforcement within seconds.

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What We Do

Gun Detection

ZeroEyes is the only AI-powered, human verified gun detection solution that integrates with existing security cameras to deliver a proactive response to mass shootings and gun violence.


We are only detecting guns. No facial recognition, document reading, or live video feed monitoring ensures compliance with privacy policies.


The most robustly trained AI gun detection software available. Founded by Navy SEALs, staffed by specially trained military veterans.


No false positives reported to clients means you focus on your business, not worrying about data accuracy. The ZOC (ZeroEyes Operations Center) operates 24/7/365.


See Gun Detection in Action

Get a demo with one of our trained team members and walk through a scenario to see how proactive gun detection can protect your people and facility.