ZeroEyes Announces One-Year Contract with Tyndall Air Force Base to Install AI Gun Detection Software for Active Shooter Prevention

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PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ZeroEyes, Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has secured a one-year contract to install its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) based weapons detection solution, DeepZero™, at Tyndall Air Force Base outside of Panama City, Florida, with the option to extend the contract for an additional two years. ZeroEyes’ software was chosen after the company participated in the AFWERX Security Flightline of the Future challenge, which showcases technology and services to create an integrated flightline while maintaining security, resilience and agility. Tyndall Air Force will be the military’s first base to take advantage of advanced analytics to proactively mitigate active shootings onsite.

Major Jordan Criss, Commander of the 325th Security Forces Squadron at the base, noted, “ZeroEyes is a welcomed force multiplier that will be a tremendous enhancement for our defenders. This system will increase the situational awareness for our response forces through advanced threat detection analytics and automated threat alerting providing both a rapid and accurate response. During an active shooter situation time is critical and saving time means saving lives.”

“In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing security landscape it is critical for our military to have the most advanced technology available to protect our defenders both globally and domestically,” said Mike Lahiff, CEO of ZeroEyes. “We’re excited for the opportunity to work with the men and women at Tyndall Air Force Base to add a layer of security to its operations.”

About ZeroEyes

ZeroEyes is the industry’s leading AI-based weapons detection solution. Our software integrates into existing security camera systems and sends out a series of alerts when a verified gun is detected via our best-in-class weapons detection algorithms. The ZeroEyes platform is the most proactive and actionable early-warning system on the market, allowing users to “Stop threats at first sight, not first shot.” Founded by a team of Navy SEALs and military veterans with over 50 years military experience with deep special operations and intelligence community expertise, ZeroEyes is the trusted weapons detection provider of numerous clients, including the US Department of Defense, leading public K-12 school districts, commercial property groups, Fortune 1000 corporate campuses, shopping malls, and big-box retail. The company is headquartered in the Philadelphia area and has additional locations in Washington DC and Hawaii.

For more information on ZeroEyes and associated capabilities, please visit

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