ZeroEyes Announces Charter Membership in the Data Ethics Consortium for Security (DECS) Organization

Dec 21, 2021

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ZeroEyes, Inc., today announced its charter membership in the Data Ethics Consortium for Security (DECS) organization. Established earlier this year by a group of five artificial intelligence companies working in the security space, DECS serves to educate policymakers and integrators on ethical issues pertaining to artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and other emerging technologies.

“ZeroEyes has been a key participant in the initial heavy lifts to incorporate DECS as a non-profit, and a huge contributing member during our first summer of research,” said Amina Al Sherif, President of DECS. “The company has shown a clear prioritization of ethics in everything that it creates through proactive technical research for DECS, as well as assisting in outreach when it comes to involving policy makers in the conversation.”

ZeroEyes’ Chief of Staff, Kieran Carroll, added, “ZeroEyes is excited to participate in DECS as we feel that their mission aligns closely with the values of privacy rights, anti-bias, and ethical AI implementation that our company practices every day. Educating lawmakers, policymakers, and operators on topics like inherent bias, data integrity, and compromised methodologies is extremely important to both the company and the industry at large.”

About ZeroEyes

ZeroEyes is the industry’s leading AI-based weapons detection solution. Our software integrates into existing security camera systems and sends out a series of alerts when a verified gun is detected via our best-in-class weapons detection algorithms. The ZeroEyes platform is the most proactive and actionable early-warning system on the market, allowing users to “Stop threats at first sight, not first shot.” Founded by a team of Navy SEALs and military veterans with over 50 years military experience with deep special operations and intelligence community expertise, ZeroEyes is the trusted weapons detection provider of numerous clients, including the US Department of Defense, leading public K-12 school districts, commercial property groups, Fortune 1000 corporate campuses, shopping malls, and big-box retail. The company is headquartered in the Philadelphia area and has additional locations in Washington DC and Hawaii.

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