May 13, 2019
What Can We Do To Stop School Shootings?
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Unfortunately, there is definitely not a single answer for how to stop school shootings. As a society we need to look at how we are treating ourselves and each other. Recently there was another act of senseless violence in Colorado. One mother spoke to CNN to discuss her experience. You can read the full article about Cami Brainard here. Her son was in school when a shooting spree erupted. “…he’s going to be scarred for the rest of his life,” Cami says. Too often people do not consider the emotional toll on those who survive these kinds of incidents.

The Root Cause Is Social

Investigate most cases of school shooters and you will find teenage boys who are bullied, abused, or otherwise socially outcasted. In some instances technology exacerbates already existing social problems. However, it is also possible that technology can help to stop another school shooting in the future. It is incumbent upon education and security professionals to bridge the gap to find interdisciplinary solutions. While this seems to be common knowledge, there are still people who are getting lost or disregarded within the education system. Those individuals who feel the most hopeless deserve help.

Everybody Wants To Stop School Shootings

All sides of the political spectrum want to create a safer environment for young people in schools. The methods or means to do so are what is under debate. While some feel comfortable having armed teachers or security officials in schools, that may not work everywhere. There is a real opportunity for politicians who may otherwise be opponents, to come together to solve this issue together.

Gun Detection Is A Critical Component

There is no magic pill that can solve this problem. Gun detection is a critical component to stop school shootings because it provides better situational awareness for first responders and security professionals. A facility can become immediately more efficient at providing key information during the unfortunate event an active shooter engages on campus with gun detection technology.


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