Seminole County Public School Safety Division Special Event

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Over the last several months the Seminole County Public School Safety Division (SCPS) and ZeroEyes teams have worked to deploy an innovative weapons detection platform at Oviedo High School. The ZeroEyes solution, which uses artificial intelligence and easily integrates into your existing security camera system, is by far the most proactive and actionable active shooter detection technology that Captain Rick Francis, Director of the Seminole County Public Schools Safety Division, has ever evaluated. 

We are excited about demonstrating this solution and our executive team participating in a special event with the Seminole County Public School Safety Division.  The event will be attended by many local, state and national VIPs and political leaders to demonstrate the technology that is employed in our solutions and address any questions that arise. 

The special event will be held on Wednesday, January 13, 2021 from 2:30 – 5:00 PM (eastern time) and will take place at the Oviedo High School.

The agenda will include introductions of the ZeroEyes executive team, Seminole County School District personnel, local law enforcement and dignitaries.  A joint project update will be given followed by a live demonstration by the ZeroEyes executive team. The presentation will conclude with a question and answer period. A reception will follow the formal presentation for all to discuss and learn more about ZeroEyes AI weapons detection platform and how it helps identify threats at first sight. 

Drawing from over 50 years of collective military experience, as well as consulting and technology expertise, ZeroEyes focuses solely on weapons detection to proactively identify guns before any shots are fired. ZeroEyes’ AI weapons detection platform is one component of an organization’s multi-tiered security approach. Our software integrates with an organization’s existing camera systems and video analytics to detect weapons in real-time.

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