September 22, 2020
Parents – Are Your Students Safe? Questions to Ask Your Children’s Schools

The many school shootings in recent years make it imperative for parents to be vigilant with regard to their children’s safety. Most school districts and college campuses have implemented some security protocols and equipment, but the question is, have they done enough? Below are some questions to ask your child’s school.

  1. Has the school district implemented ALICE training? ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. This highly-respected nationwide program gives both staff and students tools to improve their safety in the event of a shooting.
  2. Does the school have security on site? If not, why not, and what alternative services have been engaged?
  3. What protocols are in place for checking children and visitors in and off campus? Are they regularly reviewed and drilled? Are they followed?
  4. What physical barriers exist to slow down active shooters or prevent vehicles from approaching too close to buildings or students? Are the barriers regularly maintained?
  5. What technology and security cameras are in place? Has a formal vulnerability assessment been done to determine any holes in the security protocols, barriers, buildings, or technology?
  6. Security technology and protocols are continually being improved. What is the school doing to remain constantly up-to-date and aware of the available safety options? Is there a regular plan for evaluating and updating existing security systems?
  7. Is there a budget item for yearly investment in improved security measures?
  8. What type of student mental health and wellness services are available on campus? How do students access them?
  9. What protocols are in place for students to report threats or concerning behaviors? What discipline measures are in place for students demonstrating threatening behavior?
  10. How can students and parents provide input in ways to continually improve the safety and security of the school environment? 

The goal is to prevent shootings before they happen. Effective physical and technological barriers in addition to carefully followed safety protocols can make it difficult for bad actors to enter the campus. But experience proves that most school shootings are perpetrated by students themselves. This is why schools need both proactive measures – such as those that identify at-risk students before they act out – as well as defensive measures, in the event that warning signs have been missed.

ZeroEyes AI Gun Detection system alerts first-responders, on-site security, and administrators immediately upon detecting a visible gun. With this information, safety protocols such as ALICE can be immediately implemented, wings of the building can be locked down, and real-time data about the shooter can be relayed directly to the first responders, using ZeroEyes technology, to end the threat quickly. 

Your children need to be safe. Discuss these questions with the schools your children attend or may attend in the future. Parents are really the students’ first line of defense. By demonstrating to the school administrators that you are educated on the subject of security, you will be helping these administrators, who also desire to keep your children safe, to remain vigilant, and to constantly evaluate and enhance their security measures.


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