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School Students Safety

Pennsylvania School Safety Bills Being Introduced

Pennsylvania School Safety Programs Will Begin At The Source
In the wake of horrendous school shootings, state lawmakers are looking for answers. Pennsylvania school safety is getting a boost from new funding. Bi-partisan politicians approved $60,000,000 to create sustained assistance to schools.

PA Rep. Dan Miller said,
“Many schools used…money (to) improve the physical safety of their buildings, but many more asked for more sustained assistance in relation to trained professionals to help connect the kids to improve learning and address problems before they occur.”
Basically, the issue is, that increasing school security does not address the root problems. Adding more cameras, armed guards, and other assets can be helpful, but they don’t help students who are troubled or struggling.

Rep. Mike Sturla from Lancaster says,
“Those are the things that we need to address in the schools and not wait until we have a tragedy like we just saw in Colorado…”
Even when analyzing Google search results for things like, “school shooting,” we see a spike in search volume immediately after an incident. In between school shootings that receive national attention, there are virtually no searches for this term. There is an instinct to avoid considering the possibility of a tragedy like this ever occurring. In any event, it is fortunate that the state of Pennsylvania is beginning to allocate more resources for preventative interventions.
Schools Need Even More Support
Rich Askey, President of the Pennsylvania State Education Associations notes, “These talented and dedicated people are spread so thin and wear so many different hats that they just can’t do everything they’d like to do for our children.” That is a huge problem we need to address as a society. Our schools should be some of the safest places for young people to go. It should be a major priority to provide these institutions what they need to ensure the safety and security of all students & faculty.
Improvements Take Time
More improvements to school safety must be made. Those improvements will take time, effort, and money to address. Therefore, as different attempts are made, people must be patient. Some solutions can address preventative measures. Others will be defensive in nature. A well rounded approach will yield the best results. The sad an uncomfortable truth is that school shootings are haphazard events which are difficult to predict.

What we can all hope for is that the root causes of this kind of violence are discovered and dealt with successfully. No student should ever be alienated to the point they take such drastic devastating action.

As a result, ZeroEyes will continue to create solutions to keep children safe in the unfortunate event tragedy strikes.

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What Can We Do To Stop School Shootings?

How Can We Stop School Shootings?
Unfortunately, there is definitely not a single answer for how to stop school shootings. As a society we need to look at how we are treating ourselves and each other. Recently there was another act of senseless violence in Colorado. One mother spoke to CNN to discuss her experience. You can read the full article about Cami Brainard here. Her son was in school when a shooting spree erupted. “…he’s going to be scarred for the rest of his life,” Cami says. Too often people do not consider the emotional toll on those who survive these kinds of incidents.
The Root Cause Is Social
Investigate most cases of school shooters and you will find teenage boys who are bullied, abused, or otherwise socially outcasted. In some instances technology exacerbates already existing social problems. However, it is also possible that technology can help to stop another school shooting in the future. It is incumbent upon education and security professionals to bridge the gap to find interdisciplinary solutions. While this seems to be common knowledge, there are still people who are getting lost or disregarded within the education system. Those individuals who feel the most hopeless deserve help.
Everybody Wants To Stop School Shootings
All sides of the political spectrum want to create a safer environment for young people in schools. The methods or means to do so are what is under debate. While some feel comfortable having armed teachers or security officials in schools, that may not work everywhere. There is a real opportunity for politicians who may otherwise be opponents, to come together to solve this issue together.
Gun Detection Is A Critical Component
There is no magic pill that can solve this problem. Gun detection is a critical component to stop school shootings because it provides better situational awareness for first responders and security professionals. A facility can become immediately more efficient at providing key information during the unfortunate event an active shooter engages on campus with gun detection technology.

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Weapons Detection – Podcast Conversation

Using Weapons Detection Technology To Protect Our Schools (Podcast Link)
As integrators of security products, Alpine Consulting has an interest in weapons detection technology also. The fact that ZeroEyes was founded by a group of former Navy SEALs has left an impression on Alpine. In addition, Earl Stevens and Stan Duda from Alpine Consulting have a special interest in the topic of threat and fraud protection. This podcast features a conversation between Stan and Earl from Alpine, with Dustin Brooks and Rob Huberty from ZeroEyes.

In this podcast conversation, you will hear information regarding school shooting statistics. The data can be incredibly alarming, and deeply disturbing. However, finding a solution to this problem is much deeper than technology. As all four of these men agree, as a society we are not going to stop mass shootings simply with technology. There is a deeper issue among people that has to be addressed. On the other hand, we can’t sit idly by waiting for the world to become a safer place.
Technology Won’t Stop Bullying
Many school shooters have been bullied or otherwise abused. It is unclear if there is a clear way to positively impact somebody intent on causing this kind of destruction. School administrators, teachers, and guidance counselors need help too. So long as people feel hopeless and ignored, they will may seek out destructive behaviors.
School Shooters Don’t Operate Rationally
School shooting perpetrators do not operate like most other violent criminals. As a result, a school shooter will almost always bare their weapon early and parade it around to terrorize people. ZeroEyes technology has the ability to detect that weapon, and send alerts to the proper authorities. This saves valuable time for first responders, and provides them with situational awareness to best take action.

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