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Parents – Are Your Students Safe? Questions to Ask Your Children’s Schools

The many school shootings in recent years make it imperative for parents to be vigilant with regard to their children’s safety. Most school districts and college campuses have implemented some security protocols and equipment, but the question is, have they done enough? Below are some questions to ask your child’s school. Has the school district implemented ALICE training? ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. This highly-respected nationwide program gives both staff and students tools to improve their safety in the event of a shooting.Does the school have security on site? If not, why not, and what alternative services have been engaged?What protocols are in place for checking children and visitors in and off campus? Are they regularly reviewed and drilled? Are they followed?What physical barriers exist to slow down active shooters or prevent vehicles from approaching too close to buildings or students? Are the barriers regularly maintained?What technology and security cameras are in place? Has a formal vulnerability assessment been done to determine any holes in the security protocols, barriers, buildings, or technology?Security technology and protocols are continually being improved. What is the school doing to remain constantly up-to-date and aware of the available safety options? Is there a regular plan for evaluating and updating existing security systems?Is there a budget item for yearly investment in improved security measures?What type of student mental health and wellness services are available on campus? How do students access them?What protocols are in place for students to report threats or concerning behaviors? What discipline measures are in place for students demonstrating threatening behavior?How can students and parents provide input in ways to continually improve the safety and security of the school environment?  The goal is to prevent shootings before they happen. Effective physical and technological barriers in addition to carefully followed safety protocols can make it difficult for bad actors to enter the campus. But experience proves that most school shootings are perpetrated by students themselves. This is why schools need both proactive measures – such as those that identify at-risk students before they act out – as well as defensive measures, in the event that warning signs have been missed. ZeroEyes AI Gun Detection system alerts first-responders, on-site security, and administrators immediately upon detecting a visible gun. With this information, safety protocols such as ALICE can be immediately implemented, wings of the building can be locked down, and real-time data about the shooter can be relayed directly to the first responders, using ZeroEyes technology, to end the threat quickly.  Your children need to be safe. Discuss these questions with the schools your children attend or may attend in the future. Parents are really the students’ first line of defense. By demonstrating to the school administrators that you are educated on the subject of security, you will be helping these administrators, who also desire to keep your children safe, to remain vigilant, and to constantly evaluate and enhance their security measures.
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What Board of Education Members Need to Know When Looking at Gun Detection Technology

Over 187,000 students in grades K-12 have experienced school shootings since the Columbine High School massacre in 1999. School boards struggle to find the best methods of ensuring the safety of their students while balancing other issues such as accuracy, cost, privacy issues, and legal liability.  ZeroEyes provides school boards and school administrators with the balance of security, accuracy, cost effectiveness, and legality they need to keep their students protected.  ZeroEyes was developed and is maintained by former Navy SEALs. This is a critical distinction between ZeroEyes and other services that offer some degree of gun detection. We have the real-life, battle-hardened experience that delivers a depth of weapons understanding and emergency-response training that few, if any, security firms offer.  Our deep-learning artificial intelligence algorithms are designed by former military technology experts highly trained in weaponry and weapons identification. And because we specialize in gun detection, our system provides a level of accuracy that more complicated systems do not. ZeroEyes is designed to integrate into your current surveillance system, making it very cost effective. And our partnership with RapidSOS, a cutting-edge technology platform that provides a direct link to emergency services, allows us to send threat detection and surveillance data directly to 911. This technology ensures that first responders receive threat data immediately if ZeroEyes detects the presence of firearms. Our technology also gives ongoing real-time situational intelligence to law enforcement during the active shooter situation, while former soldiers personally direct the flow of real-time intel from our headquarters, partnering with first responders to neutralize the threat quickly. Some gun detection systems risk opening up the school to lawsuits because they indiscriminately scan individuals or provide facial recognition. These programs are under scrutiny for privacy law infractions and may lead to lawsuits. They also increase the risk of false-positives by misidentifying harmless objects as weapons, which can also lead to legal problems.  In a nutshell, when a board of education is looking for gun detection technology, they should look for the following criteria: Developers who are experts in the field of weaponry and emergency situations A system that specializes in gun detection, rather than offering multiple services of questionable quality A company that provides immediate warnings and ongoing, real-time data to first responders to help them neutralize the threat, along with real-time collaboration with experts in weaponry and emergency response A system that integrates into your current security system, thus providing cost effectiveness along with safety  Only ZeroEyes offers you all of this. Our mission is to ensure no one has to experience a traumatizing active shooter threat, especially children. Call us today to see how we can partner with you to keep your students and teachers safe.
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Keeping Your K-12 Students Safe with the Help of Navy SEALs

In an active shooter situation, most people naturally become frightened and perhaps panicked. But those in charge of their safety must remain calm in order to keep everyone safe. ZeroEyes was founded by former Navy SEALs, whose mental preparation and battle-ready toughness mean someone who will remain calm and get the job done has your back. SEALs’ Physical, Tactical, and Mental Training for War The training we experienced in order to become Navy SEALs is the toughest in the U.S. military. Only one in seven trainees makes it through. Six months of grueling physical training is followed by four months of intense advanced tactical training. This rigorous program prepares us for the “real deal” – training for actual battle situations. What makes it possible for us to successfully complete this training is the mental preparedness training we receive. It is this conditioning – mental readiness – that allows us to execute on the elite physical, tactical, and wartime training we have received and accomplish our mission, whatever it may be. There are several components to our mental training: Emergency conditioning: mental tactics that prepare us for emergency situations Internal battle-proofing: mental preparation for battle that keeps us cool under pressure Creating a mental “trigger”: why we do what we do, the thing that pushes us to survive and to succeed, even when all hope seems lost or the odds are stacked against us Situational awareness: a heightened ability to notice even the faintest clue in a situation or environment that may signal danger How This Training Keeps Your Students Safer Because of our training, we understand the intel that is needed on the ground to win a battle. Stopping an active shooter is a must-win battle situation, and our training in weaponry, tactics, and military technology has given us the knowledge to develop a gun detection system that provides the real-time tactical information first responders need in order to neutralize the threat. And because of our drive to constantly improve, ZeroEyes is equipped with machine-learning, so that it can automatically increase accuracy and speed in response to new data about active shooters.  During a shooter situation, you need a SEAL, emergency-conditioned and battle-proofed, who will remain calm in the midst of chaos and use his heightened awareness combined with ZeroEyes advanced technology to provide the necessary real-time intel and guidance to those with boots on the ground. Working together with law enforcement, we calmly track the shooter and provide the military-grade support you need to accomplish our mission – keeping you safe.  Our “trigger” now, the reason we do what we do, the reason that drives us, is to use our military training to keep civilians, like your students and teachers, safe from predators like active shooters. Call us today at ZeroEyes to see how we can help you.
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New Jersey high school tests new technology to prevent school shootings

New Jersey high school tests new technology to prevent school shootings

By Trish Hartman

Saturday, June 15, 2019

MOUNT HOLLY, N.J. (WPVI) — A Burlington County, N.J. high school is testing a new artificial intelligence system meant to decrease response times during school shootings.

For six months, the drills has been playing out every single week at Rancocas Valley Regional High School in Mount Holly, N.J.: a gunman gaining entrance to the school and walking the halls.

“Superintendents wake up every single day and think about safety and security for the students,” said Dr. Chris Heilig, Superintendent of Rancocas Valley School District.

The gun isn’t real, and the so-called “gunman” is the CEO of a new company called ZeroEyes.

“I said ‘if you can detect a face, a car, all these different objects through cameras, we can detect guns and send alerts to decrease response times for first responders and mitigate the threat from active shooters’,” said ZeroEyes CEO Mike Lahiff.

ZeroEyes was founded by several former U.S. Navy SEALs and has been testing its new system at the high school since December.

Rancocas Valley High School is the first school to use this technology, and has been using it for free while ZeroEyes conducted weekly tests on Sundays, and worked out some of the bugs.

“In the very beginning, when you have about 2,000 students funneling through hallways, it’s going to throw the system a little haywire at first. And we learned how to really tune that out and apply new filters so we don’t have false alarms,” said Lahiff.

The ZeroEyes technology was installed on about 25 cameras that were already at the school.

If a weapon is detected, an alert is sent to the cell phones of school administrators and first responders, notifying them that a weapon is on the premises, what type of weapon it is and where it was detected.

“It is almost impossible for us to monitor cameras constantly,” explained school resource officer Deborah Murillo. “It’s actually very helpful because our first responders would like to know exactly where the threat is inside the building.”

Company officials plan to move into more school districts in several other states in the coming months.

ZeroEyes costs about $15,000 a year to operate in a school like Rancocas Valley.

School district officials say, pending school board approval, they plan to keep using it.

“It’s really made us better as far as safety and security. We’re sold on it,” said Heilig.

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Rancocas Valley tests AI technology to secure school

Rancocas Valley tests AI technology to secure school

By Gianluca D’Elia / / @gianluca_delia

Posted Jun 17, 2019 at 11:39 AM   Updated Jun 17, 2019 at 12:02 PM

Weapon detection software made by former U.S. Navy SEALs could reduce the chance of a school shooting. Rancocas Valley Regional High School tested it out.
MOUNT HOLLY — A school shooting could start and end within just five minutes, and it might take first responders the same amount of time or more to arrive at the scene.

But now, a software company made up of former U.S. Navy SEALs in Philadelphia has been teaming up with area schools to test out weapon detection technology that could possibly recognize a weapon before it even gets indoors, and notify the school and police right away. Rancocas Valley Regional High School held an active shooter drill using the technology Thursday afternoon.

ZeroEyes, which specializes in weapon detection software, uses video analytics and existing security cameras to detect possible weapons.

It’s not the only weapons detection company in the area, but its team’s military experience sets it apart, said Rob Huberty, chief operating officer.

“I think it allows us to know the tactics of what a first responder really needs,” Huberty said. “I understand how scared you can be in situations where your life is on the line, and I want to give only the information that matters.”

Rancocas Valley in Mount Holly has been running ZeroEyes technology as part of a pilot program. The company has also been in talks with districts across the country who are interested in the software.

“This product will add another layer of security for us as educators,” Superintendent Christopher Heilig said. “It’s an unbelievable product. In the end, the more you have, the better off you are and the more secure students are.”

The goal in implementing ZeroEyes’ software is to help police get to a shooter faster and allow students to move away from where the shooter is headed. If the weapon is detected before the shooter gets in, the school can lock the doors before a shot is even fired.

In Wednesday’s drill, Mike Lahiff, the co-founder and chief executive officer of ZeroEyes, entered the high school from the main entrance and made his way through the hallway with a fake assault rifle. School administrators and local police watched the scene unfold from a conference room on a TV screen showing camera footage and a blueprint of the school.

As each security camera detects the shooter, another alert goes out, and police can easily track the shooter’s path through the school.

As the first security camera caught Lahiff passing by, a dispatch went out to Mount Holly police, and a text message notification went to school officials’ phones almost immediately.

In addition to ZeroEyes, the district has added other safety measures in recent years. The school added a full-time resource officer from the police department, installed strobe lights, set up a radio system to contact security and police, and invested in a mobile app that lets administrators lock down all campus doors with the push of a button.

“They (ZeroEyes) could do this program with any organization, but they chose to do it with schools, and I appreciate that,” Heilig said.

Huberty feels a personal connection to working with schools. His wife is a teacher. He grew up near Newtown, Connecticut, where the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting happened in 2012, and he went to college in Arizona, where some of his classmates were survivors of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting in Colorado.

“Everywhere I went, I thought, this is terrible,” he said. “Everybody’s affected by it. It’s difficult to solve. I can’t solve the psychological part, but if we use technology in an inobtrusive way — we’re not using this data for anything else — I think it’ll help.”

Heilig said the partnership is helpful for school officials who want to boost school security, but don’t have all the answers.

“It helps us,” Heilig said. “We’re educators that now, over the past two decades, have made safety and security a first priority over the last two decades. That’s just the way things have become. So as teachers, we appreciate having them as the experts.”

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SCHOOL PATROL: Marion County tests new gun detection system for schools

SCHOOL PATROL: Marion County tests new gun detection system for schools
Mayor David Jackson says the county commission recently approved a bid with security company Zero Eyes, which created the system.

Monday, July 29th 2019, 5:50 PM EDT by Grace McKenna

Updated: Tuesday, July 30th 2019, 6:13 AM EDT

Marion County is gearing up to pilot a new security system that can detect guns and send out alerts to officers and staff.

Mayor David Jackson says the county commission recently approved a bid with security company Zero Eyes, which created the system.

“Our young kids, they can’t defend themselves,” he said. “So if we can stop somebody from getting into a school with a weapon, we’re going to do that.”

Jackson says he was impressed with the system when he watched a demonstration.

“They had weapons there and drew the weapons out and walked in front of the camera and you can clearly see the rifle or pistol in their hands,” he said.

The system can’t detect concealed weapons, only guns that are drawn. But Superintendent Mark Griffith says the alerts would still help schools stop tragedies before they happen.

“The technology will detect guns outside the building,” Griffith said. “And one of the things was, if we can stop it outside the building that would be huge.”

The school system is splitting the cost of the pilot program with the county. It will cost about $18,000 to test in just one school. But if it works, the plan is to roll it out in all nine schools in the district.

“We certainly don’t want anything to happen,” Griffith said. “So $18,000 is just a drop in the bucket.”

Mayor Jackson says the goal with projects like this is always safety.

“We want those students to feel safe, and hopefully this will make them feel safer. And hopefully makes the parents feel safe,” he said.

The district hasn’t decided where to test run the system yet. Griffith says it will likely be whichever school’s current security system is the simplest to upgrade.

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NJ School Tests Weapon Detection Technology

Schools Need Weapon Detection Technology
Jessica Davis writes for Security Today. Recently she covered the news that ZeroEyes has their weapon detection technology installed at Rancocas Valley Regional High School. You can read her full article on the subject here. Former Navy SEALs and other military veterans started ZeroEyes with a simple but difficult mission. They want to stop school shootings. Their technology makes existing security camera systems more intelligent. In addition, they give much needed situational awareness to first responders.

Rob Huberty, ZeroEyes’ COO shares about his team’s military experience. He believes this is part of what makes them and their solution unique.
“I think it allows us to know the tactics of what a first responder really needs…I understand how scared you can be in situations where your life is on the line, and I want to give only the information that matters.”
ZeroEyes and Rancocas Valley Regional High School are testing a pilot program right now. The goal of this is to train the weapon detection technology to understand the nuances of this facility. There are so many people who are scared right now. A lot of solutions are being proposed to prevent these kinds of situations from occurring. Many of them are coming from a good place, but they are unlikely to be effective. Given the nature of the mentality of a school shooter, it is especially difficult to predict.

Therefore, it is incumbent on society at large to make the best use of what we have. For the ZeroEyes system, all they need are access to the security cameras which are already in place. Almost every school has some form of security camera installed already. By taking the feeds from those cameras and running them through the weapon detection technology ZeroEyes created, those cameras are now an alert system.

Christopher Heilig is Rancocas Valley’s superintendent. He says it best when he says,
“This product will add another layer of security for us as educators…it’s an unbelievable product. In the end, the more you have, the better off you are and the more secure students are.”

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Technology To Prevent School Shootings

How Can Technology Help Prevent School Shootings?
6ABC Philadelphia recently interviewed the ZeroEyes team. The news station was interested in learning about the company and what they’re doing to help prevent school shootings. You can view the entire news story and video of their coverage here. This news story focused on the installation ZeroEyes has been testing in a Burlington County school in New Jersey. Rancocas Valley Regional High School is one of the first schools in the country to implement this new software technology.
“Superintendents wake up every single day and think about safety and security for the students” – Dr. Chris Heilig, Superintendent of Rancocas Valley School District

Teaching Cameras To Be Prevention Tools
CEO of ZeroEyes Mike Lahiff is a former Navy SEAL. He knows the meaning of ‘active shooter scenario’ better than most. Some of his co-founders are also former SEALs. Their military training makes them uniquely equipped to tackle this horrible growing trend in America. Mike says, “…if you can detect a face, a car, all these different objects through cameras, we can detect guns and send alerts to decrease response times for first responders and mitigate the threat from active shooters.”

In addition to detecting a weapon on camera, the ZeroEyes system can send alerts. Every day the system learns how to detect guns more effectively. Every week the ZeroEyes team is on school property showing the cameras toy guns, to train the machine to learn. Artificial intelligence is often thought of as some kind of science fiction. In reality, it is currently a process that requires human beings to program it. We are teaching these systems how to do what they’re doing.
School Officials Are Hopeful Now
Deborah Murillo is a school resource officer. She said, “It is almost impossible for us to monitor cameras constantly…it’s actually very helpful because our first responders would like to know exactly where the threat is inside the building.” That key bit of information can’t be understated. It will always be difficult to predict when a school shooting might occur. However, in the past, information about the location of a shooter, what kind of weapons they had, or how many shooters there were was impossible to obtain. Previously, security cameras were largely only able to provide forensic value.

Sending alerts with camera information is a game changer.
“It’s really made us better as far as safety and security. We’re sold on it,” Dr. Chris Heilig.

See the article on 6ABC News Philadelphia HERE.

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AI Detection School Security ZeroEyes in the News

Defending Against School Shootings

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Details Companies That Provide Defense For School Shootings
The CBC recently recognized ZeroEyes as a piece of the solution to stopping school shootings. Skip to 3:45 to see ZeroEyes in this piece. CEO Mike Lahiff speaks with the host about gun detection. The benefits to this kind of technology are immense. ZeroEyes has their sights set on school security to make school safe again. While the team recognizes this kind of prevention is a piece of the puzzle, the problem runs much deeper.

Furthermore, the CBC covered this same story in an article on their website. You can read that story in full here. In his interview with the CBC, CEO Mike Lahiff said,
“My wife’s a school teacher…and I got tired of turning on the news and seeing active shooter events almost every week. It’s disgusting. And there’s not really a good solution out there.”
Using Technology To Stop School Shootings
There are a lot of benefits to having AI supporting your school security staff and local police. It is impossible to have people watching every security camera feed all the time. Our brains and eyes are only capable of processing so much. However, when we know what we need to do we can jump into action with the best possible information available. That’s what ZeroEyes is all about.

This company gives first responders the situational awareness they need to keep themselves and other people safe. Hopefully there is never another school shooting. Unfortunately it seems like they may keep happening unless there are additional security measures put into practice. ZeroEyes is not the only solution, but it is an integral cog in the wheel.

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Enhancing Student Safety With AI

Rethinking Student Safety
Caleb Jones, one of the founders of ZeroEyes said, “It’s hard to be in an environment to focus and learn when you’re scared.” As a result of this realization, ZeroEyes was formed. The founders of this company are former Navy SEALs. After coming back from service, Caleb and his team were still seeking a way to contribute to society. This desire to protect people lead them to start ZeroEyes. Recently Caleb was featured in his home town’s paper, Citizen Tribune talking about his commitment to student safety.

You can read that entire article here.
A Band Of Brothers Dedicated To Student Safety
They wanted to take on a big challenge in the world where their skills and experience were most valuable. “We shifted all of our focus to solving that problem,” Caleb said. “That problem” he’s talking about is the rise of school shootings in America.
“For those of us who served in the military, being veterans means we take protecting people very seriously too…”
Jones believes that it’s equally important to remember that safety and security professionals need better protection. Currently there are so few products on the market that give situational awareness to first responders or on-site security professionals. This needs to change if we’re going to actually provide student safety solutions.
Technology Is Only The Beginning
“As a result, we use Artificial Intelligence to actively monitor camera feeds to detect weapons. In fact, our technology can decrease response time which could save lives. The veterans on this team recognize the need for increased safety in civilian life. Finally, we know it’s our duty to provide whatever we can to the public to increase a general feeling of safety.”
That’s the commitment coming from ZeroEyes. These veterans are doing all they can to continue protecting their country. Student safety is in their sights, and schools are beginning to recognize the benefit of gun detection technology.

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