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Despite bailout, WeWork still popular in Philly; Vanguard may revalue share holdings: ZeroEyes Spot

Despite bailout, WeWork still popular in Philly; Vanguard may revalue share holdings: ZeroEyes Spot
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In spite of a massive write-down of WeWork’s value on Tuesday, WeWork’s offices remain popular in Center City as coworking space.

Once valued at $47 billion before a failed IPO, WeWork on Tuesday was bailed out by its largest investor, SoftBank. The new deal values the company at $8 billion, stunning Wall Street and mom-and-pop investors.

But so far, it’s business as usual for tenants of WeWork, such as Benjamin Frank of the Center City Proprietors Association, which has offices at 1900 Market St.

“We’ve been here since November 2018, and we plan to stay,” Frank said, noting that the business just re-upped its contract with a 3% increase in price. “We did get an email from the new executive leadership a few weeks ago, reassuring us that all is well.”

Center City Proprietors leases office space for a few people, and “it’s not technically rent. We sign a 12-month membership contract,” he said.

Neighbors of Frank’s include other start-ups and large companies such as Chase Bank’s training facilities. Chase is opening dozens of branches in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia currently hosts five WeWork locations in different buildings around the city: Northern Liberties, 1601 and 1900 Market St., 1100 Ludlow St., and 1430 Walnut Street. Another, at 1100 Market St., was scheduled to open in November, Frank said.

As of the start of 2019, WeWork had a high occupancy rate, with more than 500 companies in its Philadelphia spaces, which totaled roughly 110,000 square feet of space and 2,500 desks.

Marc Kramer, executive director of the Angel Venture Fair, said many of the start-ups with which he consults have offices at WeWork. Among them are Nth Round, which rents WeWork space at 1900 Market, Kramer said.

“It’s a father-and-son operation, a cool company,” he said. “That said, I’m not sure why WeWork got the valuation that they did. Other companies like Regus and American Executive have been doing the same business for years. The only difference was WeWork had couches.”

“In the end, they need big companies to sign up and rent space for a long period,” he added.

Among companies that started at WeWork and have since moved is ZeroEyes, a security and video analytics provider that sells systems to schools to scan for assault rifles and other weapons. Started by a group of Navy SEALs, ZeroEyes developed an artificial intelligence product aimed at alerting first responders in school shootings.

“We have since moved into the Pennovation Center on 3401 Grays Ferry Ave. in August 2019,” cofounder and CEO Mike Lahiff said by email. “It’s a great spot, plus it’s in an opportunity zone.”

ZeroEyes pays $1,800 for the Pennovation space, which includes a basement for servers and equipment, access to other warehouses for potential expansion, and free parking.

WeWork’s valuation

Before the scuttled IPO, WeWork was valued at $47 billion, or roughly $110 a share. But after a disastrous filing with securities regulators and outlandish behavior by the outgoing CEO, WeWork failed to go public earlier this year.

At Tuesday’s valuation of $8 billion, those same shares are currently valued at about $18.

As a result, mutual fund investors including Fidelity and the local fund complex Vanguard, based in Malvern, may have to write down the value of private company shares purchased in WeWork.

Vanguard U.S. Growth and Vanguard Growth Annuity both hold roughly 465,000 shares combined between the two funds in WeWork, said Jeffrey DeMaso of the Adviser Investments newsletter.

“That’s less than a half-percent of the value of each fund,” he said, so the effect on investors would be minimal.

“It’s always a risk that comes with buying private companies in mutual funds. It’s amazing how the narrative has changed. A year ago, everyone was wondering what can we do if mutual funds can’t invest in these private companies? Is the American public missing out on this growth? Now we’re getting stories that they have backfired. So maybe it’s not so terrible that mutual funds are limited in how much they can invest,” he said.

Vanguard spokesman Charles Kurtz said, “Per company policy, we cannot comment on the valuation of specific securities.”

“Vanguard’s private-company valuations are determined by an independent committee, which is separate from our portfolio managers. When calculating the fair market value of a company, the committee considers a variety of factors, including offering price, financial performance, market conditions, corporate actions, and guidance from external advisers,” he added.

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ZeroEyes in the News

NJ school becomes first in US to implement new anti-school shooter tech

NJ school becomes first in US to implement new anti-school shooter tech

Posted: Jul 10, 2019 8:16 PM EDT

Updated: Jul 10, 2019 8:16 PM EDT


A Burlington County high school has become the first school in the nation to implement new anti-school shooter technology.

Rancocas Valley Regional High School will now utilize the ZeroEyes threat detection system to be installed on all of the school’s security cameras. School officials say that with the perceived increase of school shootings around the country, it was time to improve safety.

“Our parents send their children to school and expect them to be safe every day,” says Superintendent Dr. Chris Heilig.

ZeroEyes is a Philadelphia-based company started by former Navy Seals. The software program connects directly to a school’s surveillance system.

“It is actively being watched by artificial intelligence and it’s searching for guns at all moments,” says ZeroEyes COO Rob Huberty.

If an armed assailant were to show up at the school, the program sends an alert with their location so first responders could get advanced noticed. Huberty says that a notification can be sent in under three seconds.

“Once I get that alert, I’m going to notify central communications. If they have an already been notified themselves and I’m going to respond to that threat,” says Mount Holly Police School Resource Officer Deborah Murillo.

Murillo says that she has been training with a team from ZeroEyes for months by going over the more than 200 camera locations on the campus.

“It’s another layer with the other things that we already have in place to make this the safest place possible,” Heilig says.

It costs the district about $15,000 per year for the service.


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written by Lauren Wellbank September 24, 2019


It’s back-to-school season, which for many parents means a return to worrying about the rising instances of gun violence in American schools. The threat of an active shooter, although statistically low, remains a concern for many parents and students as another new school year begins.

To combat these concerns, and increase campus safety, some schools are now being designed and upgraded with these fears in mind.
School Security: Bulletproof Buildings
While the fundamentals of school design still remain the same — building individual classrooms, creating hallways that can accommodate large groups of children moving between periods and designing common areas that are both open and functional — there are a few things experts are doing differently when it comes to designing schools for kids known as “Generation Lockdown.” The biggest change: they’re making it harder for gunmen to access their targets.
Photo: ZeroEyes
A Famous Example
Sandy Hook Elementary School is an example of these new designs in action. According to an article that appeared on Slate earlier this year, the updated elementary school features bulletproof glass, doors are magnetized and controlled by a “centralized lockdown button” which allows administrators to close them all simultaneously, and the building is surrounded by a rain garden which acts as a natural barrier to keep intruders from approaching through the exterior windows.

Although the school is heavily fortified, visitors say you wouldn’t know it just by walking through the building. Security features are carefully hidden and serve dual-purposes, helping the building to retain the appearance of being a place of learning instead of the impenetrable fortress that it strives to be.

An Expert Opinion on School Safety
ZeroEyes Active Shooter Simulation, photo via Sheryl Raskin
School security expert Rob Huberty is the chief operating officer for ZeroEyes, an AI-powered video analytics company with technology that detects weapons and recognizes faces in real-time. He explains to Parentology that while security should be a priority at schools, it shouldn’t feel like, well, security.

“We need to leverage technology in order to have a safer, more open schools,” Huberty says. He suggests using areas that are naturally designed to channel foot traffic as a way to leverage security systems. “The use of cameras, lighting, and pathways leading into the school are simple, cost-effective ways to make schools safer.”

Above all else though, Huberty doesn’t believe a “safe school” should look any different. “Schools need to remain a place for nurturing and growth,” he says. “They should not become impenetrable fortresses.”
School Security — Sources
Rob Huberty, chief operating officer at ZeroEyes

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School Security ZeroEyes in the News

NJ School Tests Weapon Detection Technology

Schools Need Weapon Detection Technology
Jessica Davis writes for Security Today. Recently she covered the news that ZeroEyes has their weapon detection technology installed at Rancocas Valley Regional High School. You can read her full article on the subject here. Former Navy SEALs and other military veterans started ZeroEyes with a simple but difficult mission. They want to stop school shootings. Their technology makes existing security camera systems more intelligent. In addition, they give much needed situational awareness to first responders.

Rob Huberty, ZeroEyes’ COO shares about his team’s military experience. He believes this is part of what makes them and their solution unique.
“I think it allows us to know the tactics of what a first responder really needs…I understand how scared you can be in situations where your life is on the line, and I want to give only the information that matters.”
ZeroEyes and Rancocas Valley Regional High School are testing a pilot program right now. The goal of this is to train the weapon detection technology to understand the nuances of this facility. There are so many people who are scared right now. A lot of solutions are being proposed to prevent these kinds of situations from occurring. Many of them are coming from a good place, but they are unlikely to be effective. Given the nature of the mentality of a school shooter, it is especially difficult to predict.

Therefore, it is incumbent on society at large to make the best use of what we have. For the ZeroEyes system, all they need are access to the security cameras which are already in place. Almost every school has some form of security camera installed already. By taking the feeds from those cameras and running them through the weapon detection technology ZeroEyes created, those cameras are now an alert system.

Christopher Heilig is Rancocas Valley’s superintendent. He says it best when he says,
“This product will add another layer of security for us as educators…it’s an unbelievable product. In the end, the more you have, the better off you are and the more secure students are.”

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School Security ZeroEyes in the News

Technology To Prevent School Shootings

How Can Technology Help Prevent School Shootings?
6ABC Philadelphia recently interviewed the ZeroEyes team. The news station was interested in learning about the company and what they’re doing to help prevent school shootings. You can view the entire news story and video of their coverage here. This news story focused on the installation ZeroEyes has been testing in a Burlington County school in New Jersey. Rancocas Valley Regional High School is one of the first schools in the country to implement this new software technology.
“Superintendents wake up every single day and think about safety and security for the students” – Dr. Chris Heilig, Superintendent of Rancocas Valley School District

Teaching Cameras To Be Prevention Tools
CEO of ZeroEyes Mike Lahiff is a former Navy SEAL. He knows the meaning of ‘active shooter scenario’ better than most. Some of his co-founders are also former SEALs. Their military training makes them uniquely equipped to tackle this horrible growing trend in America. Mike says, “…if you can detect a face, a car, all these different objects through cameras, we can detect guns and send alerts to decrease response times for first responders and mitigate the threat from active shooters.”

In addition to detecting a weapon on camera, the ZeroEyes system can send alerts. Every day the system learns how to detect guns more effectively. Every week the ZeroEyes team is on school property showing the cameras toy guns, to train the machine to learn. Artificial intelligence is often thought of as some kind of science fiction. In reality, it is currently a process that requires human beings to program it. We are teaching these systems how to do what they’re doing.
School Officials Are Hopeful Now
Deborah Murillo is a school resource officer. She said, “It is almost impossible for us to monitor cameras constantly…it’s actually very helpful because our first responders would like to know exactly where the threat is inside the building.” That key bit of information can’t be understated. It will always be difficult to predict when a school shooting might occur. However, in the past, information about the location of a shooter, what kind of weapons they had, or how many shooters there were was impossible to obtain. Previously, security cameras were largely only able to provide forensic value.

Sending alerts with camera information is a game changer.
“It’s really made us better as far as safety and security. We’re sold on it,” Dr. Chris Heilig.

See the article on 6ABC News Philadelphia HERE.

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AI Detection School Security ZeroEyes in the News

Defending Against School Shootings

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Details Companies That Provide Defense For School Shootings
The CBC recently recognized ZeroEyes as a piece of the solution to stopping school shootings. Skip to 3:45 to see ZeroEyes in this piece. CEO Mike Lahiff speaks with the host about gun detection. The benefits to this kind of technology are immense. ZeroEyes has their sights set on school security to make school safe again. While the team recognizes this kind of prevention is a piece of the puzzle, the problem runs much deeper.

Furthermore, the CBC covered this same story in an article on their website. You can read that story in full here. In his interview with the CBC, CEO Mike Lahiff said,
“My wife’s a school teacher…and I got tired of turning on the news and seeing active shooter events almost every week. It’s disgusting. And there’s not really a good solution out there.”
Using Technology To Stop School Shootings
There are a lot of benefits to having AI supporting your school security staff and local police. It is impossible to have people watching every security camera feed all the time. Our brains and eyes are only capable of processing so much. However, when we know what we need to do we can jump into action with the best possible information available. That’s what ZeroEyes is all about.

This company gives first responders the situational awareness they need to keep themselves and other people safe. Hopefully there is never another school shooting. Unfortunately it seems like they may keep happening unless there are additional security measures put into practice. ZeroEyes is not the only solution, but it is an integral cog in the wheel.

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Diverse Student Group
School Security ZeroEyes in the News

Enhancing Student Safety With AI

Rethinking Student Safety
Caleb Jones, one of the founders of ZeroEyes said, “It’s hard to be in an environment to focus and learn when you’re scared.” As a result of this realization, ZeroEyes was formed. The founders of this company are former Navy SEALs. After coming back from service, Caleb and his team were still seeking a way to contribute to society. This desire to protect people lead them to start ZeroEyes. Recently Caleb was featured in his home town’s paper, Citizen Tribune talking about his commitment to student safety.

You can read that entire article here.
A Band Of Brothers Dedicated To Student Safety
They wanted to take on a big challenge in the world where their skills and experience were most valuable. “We shifted all of our focus to solving that problem,” Caleb said. “That problem” he’s talking about is the rise of school shootings in America.
“For those of us who served in the military, being veterans means we take protecting people very seriously too…”
Jones believes that it’s equally important to remember that safety and security professionals need better protection. Currently there are so few products on the market that give situational awareness to first responders or on-site security professionals. This needs to change if we’re going to actually provide student safety solutions.
Technology Is Only The Beginning
“As a result, we use Artificial Intelligence to actively monitor camera feeds to detect weapons. In fact, our technology can decrease response time which could save lives. The veterans on this team recognize the need for increased safety in civilian life. Finally, we know it’s our duty to provide whatever we can to the public to increase a general feeling of safety.”
That’s the commitment coming from ZeroEyes. These veterans are doing all they can to continue protecting their country. Student safety is in their sights, and schools are beginning to recognize the benefit of gun detection technology.

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Security Camera Looking Up
AI Detection News School Security ZeroEyes in the News

Discussing Gun Detection Tech With WBIR NBC 10

What Is Gun Detection Tech?
In some sense this is a straightforward phrase. Gun detection tech is software that can read camera feeds to detect if a gun is present. Security cameras are fed into a computer and analyzed using an algorithm to determine whether or not a gun is on camera. ZeroEyes then sends that information to the appropriate authorities.

Schools in America desperately need something like this to help protect students and teachers. In the past 20 years there have been far too many incidents of violence on school properties. ZeroEyes is a company which was founded by former Navy SEALs. The mission of the company is to stop school shootings. Recently, Caleb Jones of ZeroEyes sat down with WBIR NBC 10 to discuss the company.

Caleb says, “I can’t think of a more difficult problem to solve, or a more impactful problem than the violence that we’re seeing in school today.” Watch the full news story here:

Gun Detection Tech Innovation
What Caleb says is true. “Something has to be done now…” In like manner, too many conversations about this topic devolve into a political argument. ZeroEyes provides a part of the solution. Theirs enables cameras to see guns. Security cameras can become even more powerful with this technology. “In a nutshell it’s a – a weapon is seen on a camera, the computer identifies that, sends the alert…” Ultimately technology like this will give first responders more time. Additionally, we need to find ways to get this technology into schools affordably.

That potential could save valuable seconds at a crucial time.
“A computer never gets complacent…”
Gun detection tech is secure. It is constantly learning. Over time ZeroEyes gun detection tech will actually improve. Therefore it will never get complacent. “Again, if you’re holding a stick like a gun, even the human’s gonna be like, ‘hey is that a gun?'”

This company exists to provide people predictive, preventative support. There is no way to predict when a school shooting will occur. The only way to prepare for it is to have the best possible information in the hands of the people who need it most. Quickly. At the end of the day it’s about saving lives.

Caleb says it best when he says,
“…if we could save one life I would call it the greatest success of…my life.”

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Steve Surfaro With Security Infowatch Interviews Mike Lahiff
ZeroEyes in the News

ZeroEyes Featured in Day 1 Tech Notes of ISC West

Video Analytics Done With ZeroEyes Vision
Mike Lahiff, CEO of ZeroEyes describes the purpose and process behind their video analytics AI model to ZeroEyes won honorable mention in their field at the ISC West expo this past week. The company is now fielding interest from the press to learn what makes their team and their product so unique. One of the most striking aspects of this company that sets them apart is the fact that they are lead by former Navy SEALs. This group of dedicated veterans, and committed technology professionals, are seeking to solve one of society’s most devastating problems.

The increase of senseless violence in America, especially within the education system, has been difficult for many to even bare. Nobody has a solution that can completely eliminate the possibility of an attack like this. But, with ZeroEyes gun detection, at least people could be given an early warning about impending danger. Providing first responders and police with situational awareness in these kinds of incidents is key. That is how to providing the best possible outcome during the worst events.

Steve Surfaro of interviewed Mike at the ZeroEyes booth during ISC West:
‘The Zeroeyes team brings a risk assessment, site survey, tiered recommendations and a design developed for each K-12, public facility or corporate facility having a popular, existing video management system or even just DVRs.’
Read the full article here:

The entire team at ZeroEyes would like people to know that they will to do whatever they can to help make our world a safer place.

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