ZeroEyes Opens a Demo Location in the D.C. Metropolitan Region

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We proudly announce the opening of our National Capital Region product demonstration showcase at The Garden in Alexandria, VA. This location provides a convenient opportunity for the Department of Defense and government sector personnel who are responsible for safeguarding our nation’s capital to experience live demonstrations of our ZeroEyes AI Gun Detection System.

Government buildings have a heightened need for security and safety because of the sensitive nature of their work, the constant flow of visitors (including employees, sightseers, and foreign dignitaries), and the ever-present potential for politically motivated attacks.

Government security personnel are usually some of the best trained in the nation, but even they cannot be everywhere at all times. State-of-the-art technology and highly specialized security protocols are critical force-multipliers to help ensure safety for all visitors and staff working or visiting the facilities in our nation’s capital and surrounding areas.

ZeroEyes leverages existing security camera technology with an artificial intelligence gun detection platform that is equipped with a learning algorithm. This means the system is continuously improving itself with new input, implemented by our staff of highly-trained former military officers.

The most important components of ZeroEyes are our instant alert system and the real-time intelligence that it provides to staff and first responders. These features allow staff to move people to safety and provide law enforcement arriving on the scene the critical intel they need to neutralize the threat as quickly as possible.

Lack of information is the biggest problem in proper response to emergencies. ZeroEyes eliminates this problem. As a would-be shooter moves through a facility, ZeroEyes tracks the gun-carrier as he passes security cameras, letting law enforcement and staff know where he is, what he looks like, and what weaponry he has. This information gives first responders the critical edge they need to form immediate, targeted strategies that will have a high level of success because there’s no guessing. ZeroEyes has eliminated the unknown.

At our demonstration showcase, we will show you exactly how this works, offering live demos using security cameras inside and outside the building. Discover how ZeroEyes can enhance your existing security system to keep your people safer. Our location has ample parking and is also a convenient 5-minute walk from the Van Dorn Metro stop. To arrange a demonstration, please contact Vincent Martinez at

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