The Impact of Gun Violence in Education

The Impact of Gun Violence in Education

Gun Violence at Our Schools—Complex and Catastrophic During a recent webinar, David Riedman, industry leading gun violence expert and Director of Research Content for ZeroEyes, and Erin Acheson, VP of Marketing and gun violence survivor, sat down to discuss the impact...


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NBC Nightly News
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“Hundreds of schools across the United States are using an artificial intelligence system that is designed to detect guns and prevent mass shootings. NBC News’ Rehema Ellis has a closer look at how the technology works.”

ABC News
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"I don't think anybody should question or be fearful of an artificial intelligence program that's going to identify an immediate imminent threat of someone being shot or killed. You can't put a price tag on saving a life," Jay Prettyman, the police chief in Ocean City, told ABC News.

CBS News
Cbs News

As gun violence continues, one company is trying to use AI to help prevent further tragedy. Manuel Bojorquez takes a look at how the technology can help spot threats in real time.

Fox News
Fox News 2

While most people look to artificial intelligence, or AI, for quick answers to complex problems, a growing number of school districts are turning to the technology to keep their students and staff safe.

CNN News
Cnn News

As mass shootings continue to rattle the United States, one technology company is hoping to prevent more shootings with the use of artificial intelligence -- but some advocates raise concerns about its use. CNN's Josh Campbell reports.

Inside Edition
Inside Edition
Inside Edition

The school outside Detroit was the scene of a shooting that claimed the lives of four people. An AI weapons detection software called ZeroEyes has been installed in some of their 190 security cameras, the school tells Inside Edition.

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