June 03, 2021
RapidSOS Guest Blog Introduction
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We all know the value of partnerships, both in our personal and professional lives. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines partnerships as “a relationship usually involving close cooperation between parties having specified rights and responsibilities.”

This definition certainly describes the partnership between ZeroEyes and RapidSOS to deliver a proactive solution to address an epidemic in our nation today – mass shootings. 

ZeroEyes’ artificial intelligence gun detection technology which sends critical data to RapidSOS 911 telecommunicators and first responders is a prime example of a great partnership delivering an end-to-end solution for real-time alerts and situational awareness during emergencies. This transfer of data significantly reduces response time and directs first responders to the specific location of the shooter. 

It also allows security personnel onsite to help marshall others to safety, lock down other buildings, and send people to evacuation points. All helping to mitigate the damage and loss of life during mass shooter events.  

Read the blog which describes in detail why ZeroEyes became a RapidSOS partner and how it works. Click here for the entire blog: 



Our team consists of former Navy SEALs, military personnel and technology experts with a passion for contributing to the greater good. We're subject matter experts in the fields of weaponry and gun-detection technology, and our sole focus is creating easy-to-use, non-invasive software to help prevent mass shootings and gun-related violence.

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