AI Gun Detection Video Analytics Emergency Response

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Every Second Matters – AI Gun Detection Video Analytics Emergency Response

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Death tolls resulting from mass shooting events in the US have gone up in recent years. One of the crucial challenges in coping with these attacks is response time. In fact, the average response time in a mass shooting event in the US is between 12 and 15 minutes, that’s long enough to cause a lot of destruction. A new video analytics solution would curb that time frame by detecting weapons in real time, keeping schools and other public spaces safe.

Using artificial intelligence, ZeroEyes’ gun detection technology can predict potential threats and prevent mass shooter situations from escalating. It can be integrated with analog and digital security cameras already installed in public areas.

The AI gun detection software is able to detect assault rifles, semiautomatic pistols and shotguns. It will only detect a weapon if it is visible. It detects an approaching threat through existing security cameras. Every camera has a real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) data path.

The DeepZero analytic platform runs over two parts: pre-processing and inferencing using motion detection to capture 10 frames, or 10 opportunities per second to find a gun. Inferencing determines if a gun is present. Every keyframe image goes through the ZeroEyes dataset.

An alert of a weapon goes to the monitoring team or onsite security team, and if a true weapon is detected, an alert is sent to a local emergency dispatch – this process takes three to five seconds and bypasses the traditional dispatch process.

The software integrates with existing satellite mapping of buildings. As a shooter passes a camera, the map will light up. This allows first responders to know the precise location of a threat. The mapping system can prevent a shooter from entering a building by locking the doors.

The system is currently on site and operational in schools and other buildings in the US, and in the coming months, they will install the system into 20 new schools and a major skyscraper.

Two to three false positives are received daily by the company over more than 50 cameras, but clients will receive only the alert of a real threat, according to

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