THREAT DETECTED As soon as a threat is detected, ZeroEyes technology generates a screen capture. The system then records information about the threat. ALERT SENT As soon as a weapon is detected, an alert is sent to the appropriate individuals: Security Resource Officers, 911 Operators, School Administrators, or whoever the system is programmed to signal. An audible sound, and mobile phone or desktop announcement will inform the necessary parties what is happening. FIRST RESPONDERS ARRIVE ON-SITE Through early detection by ZeroEyes weapon detection and alert systems first responders arrive on-site faster than is possible without an early detection system. EVERY SECOND MATTERS. 911 RESPONSE ZeroEyes can be integrated into the 911 response system to allow them to notify officers who are closest to the location where a threat has been detected. Through their communications which are already in place, these individuals can speak with police and others to inform them where to go and who needs help. WEAPON RECOGNIZED Each time a weapon is recognized by the system, a counter within the application's user interface is recorded. This helps operators understand how many threats are present, how many weapons they have, and what kind of weapons they are.