You will design and implement efficient, elegant systems across the ZeroEyes technology stack, applying your broad knowledge and experience to challenges that might be unfamiliar at first. You are not easily intimidated and have a history of tackling tough, new problems independently and in collaboration with others. You instantly spot inefficient designs and speak plainly and constructively about better approaches, with the skills and knowledge to take it on yourself or to assist others. You innovate and improve across a wide range of technologies because that’s just how you are, you can’t help it.


Skills and Experience

  • Excellent object oriented software design skills in more than one language
  • Understanding of efficient systems and what makes things slow or fast
  • Understanding of scalable system design principles
  • Experience in effective DevOps practices, tools and principles
  • Diverse technology experience, not fully specialized in a particular discipline
  • Good ideas across multiple tech stack components – front-end, back-end, mobile, low-level, embedded, algorithms, video, machine learning, GPUs, databases
  • Relentless, self-driven learner – to get things done the right way
  • Strong opinions about the right way, expressed effectively and diplomatically
  • Interested in the truth, not in winning debates
  • Energized by teams, intolerant of cowboys and jerks
  • Driven by the ZeroEyes mission and a passion for world-class technology