Software Engineer – Computer Vision

You will be required to deploy software into production by building maintainable, readable, modular solutions using modern software engineering best practices. Be ready to talk about your experiences doing code reviews, building interfaces, and deployment systems. You should have strong opinions about best software engineering practices.

If you are missing some of the skills but believe you are the right candidate, tell us why.

Skills and Experience:

  • Developing Gstreamer pipelines written in C/C++ to connect to and stream real-time video
  • Implementing and managing pre-processing of video to optimize performance of deep learning models
  • Working with state of the art deep learning frameworks to deploy object detection models for inference
  • Testing and optimizing GStreamer pipelines to maximize hardware performance
  • Build, automate and customize deep learning training and inference environments
  • Working with Nvidia’s Deepstream SDK, TensorRT, Nvidia Docker, Kubernetes and Helm Charts
  • Writing and optimizing GStreamer plugins to manipulate video and image data
  • C, C++, Python, Cmake, RTSP streaming, OpenCV, GStreamer, Deepstream SDK, TensorRT, Nvidia Docker, Kubernetes and Helm Charts
  • Ubuntu. RedHat/CentOS and Windows Server deployed on AWS, GCP, Azure, etc
  • Experience with Scrum/Agile development methodologies
  • Experience with Putty/Termius, Powershell, Linux/Windows command line tools
  • Working with Nvidia drivers, Cuda, cuDNN
  • Knowledge of GPU hardware and performance testing
  • Experience with VMS and DVR/NVR
  • C#, Go, Postgres DB, ASP.NET Core a plus
  • Minimum 5 years of related experience or equivalent blend of education and experience.



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