ZeroEyes Helps Keep Casinos Safe from Gun-Related Violence

ZeroEyes is a noninvasive A.I. weapons detection platform that identifies visible guns to save time and save lives – now used at River Spirit Casino in Tulsa, OK.

“Casinos across the U.S. are hyper-aware of the potential threat of gun violence. Protecting our employees and customers remains at the forefront of our business, and ZeroEyes allows us to keep them safe without negatively disrupting the overall atmosphere or customer experience.

As if that wasn’t reason enough to adopt this technology, ZeroEyes also enabled us to mitigate liability and lower our insurance rates.”

Travis Thompson,

Director of Compliance, River Spirit Casino


Proactively Protect Your Staff and Patrons

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Your cameras are everywhere, but your floors are crowded. Your security teams need a solution that supercharges existing security cameras to watch every entrance, identify brandished firearms faster, and keep people safe, without causing disruption or invading privacy.
Other security measures like metal detectors are invasive and create a negative experience for your patrons. With ZeroEyes’ A.I., as soon as a gun is visible, our monitoring center informs your team and first responders of the threat within 3-5 seconds—with the exact location, description of the perpetrator, and type of weapon.

Shootings at Gaming and Entertainment Venues are on the Rise

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2017 Mandalay Bay Shooting

  • 1,000 shots fired
  • 60 people killed
  • $800MM settlement
  • Caesars Entertainment noted in their 2018 and 2019 annual reports that “visitation to Las Vegas also declined following the mass shooting tragedy on October 1, 2017.”

2021 Oneida Casino Shooting

  • Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Two people killed
  • One person injured

2022 Cascades Casino Shooting

  • Langley, British Columbia, Canada
  • Two people killed
  • Two people injured

2021 Stateline Casino Shooting

  • Bainville, Montana
  • Three people killed

ZeroEyesTransforms Security Cameras Into Proactive Solutions

Most security camera footage is used forensically after an incident has occurred. ZeroEyes is a proactive solution that detects visible guns and alerts authorities within seconds.

Our A.I. software integrates with existing security cameras and is designed to detect guns, nothing else. We never use facial recognition or other technologies that infringe privacy rights.

Proactively Protect Staff and Patrons

ZeroEyes detects guns (rifles up to 50-60’ from camera and handguns up to 20-30’ from camera) to bring you immediate warning if a gun is illegally brandished at your business location.


  • 24/7/365 verification and dispatch by military-trained analysts for zero false positives
  • The only video analytics technology to receive the U.S. DHS SAFETY Act Designation
  • Exclusive focus on weapons detection to protect privacy rights
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In an active shooter situation, best laid plans turn into chaos. Add ZeroEyes proactive A.I. gun detection to protect your patrons.


In an active shooter situation, best laid plans turn into chaos. Add ZeroEyes proactive A.I. gun detection to protect your patrons.